Park Yoochun, actor and JYJ group member, is holding a fan meeting to celebrate his 28th birthday! Yoochun, whose birthday is June 4th, will be celebrating with 6,000 lucky fans in Ilsan, South Korea.

This will be the first time Yoochun has ever held a fan meet by himself in Korea. This amazing birthday event will be taking place at Kintex, which is a huge exhibition center in Ilsan. Tickets are going on sale May 14th at 8pm Korean Standard Time, which is 7am Eastern time in the States, and can be purchased through the Interpark website, which is similar to Ticketmaster.

If you happen to be in South Korea during that time, you might as well get yourself a ticket, take 5 million photos of Yoochun, and laugh as we all sit in jealously scrolling through your Instagram.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE