Well doesn't everything just taste better when it's in the shape of a mouthless cat face? Yes, definitely, which is why they make almost everything with a Hello Kitty print.

Picture this: you wake up in the morning to a pile of delicious HK sandwiches. Aw look, she's even wearing a little chefs hat. Too cute to eat!


Wash it all down with coffee topped with oddly colorful HK latte art!


Lunch time comes around and it's time for Hello Kitty pizza bites! Yes, this probably took 10x as long to make as it will to eat but hey, it's all worth it right?hello_kitty_minipizza

Not full yet? (Yeah, those pizza bites were pretty small and you didn't have the patience to make more than 5 pieces)...then its time for some Hello Kitty ramen! Yes, eating cheap fast food can be chic now!


So then the afternoon rolls around and you're a little hungry. No worries, pull our your delicious Hello Kitty oreo cookies! Nomnomnom


Dinner will come in no time, and it's a big hamburger the shape of Kitty's head. Now you have to make the very important decision of where to sink your first bite in. Her bow? Her right cheek? Maybe her lower left whisker? Ahhh decisions!


Don't forget your HK rolls! Whether it be kimbap, sushi, or something questionable you gotta eat your HK rolls.


Still hungry? You can make some HK pasta! Awwww


Dessert time! Delicious sweet HK buns!


And HK macarons!


Hungry now? Yeah, so are we....now, which dish to eat?