When you're love you want to tell everybody about it, and sometimes that includes writing it on walls, bathroom stalls or even getting a neck tattoo professing your undying adoration. But now thanks to a city in Japan, there is an easier and more official way of declaring your love for someone.

For a limited time in a city hall in Chiba prefecture, people can come in and "unofficially officially" write their name and the name of their significant other as a way of declaring their dating status to the city and the world. Couples or even individuals can go in to register their relationship in the same way a marriage is registered.

The official document is being referred to as "Love Registration" and the program is being implemented as a way to encourage young love in Japan and hopefully increase the birthrate and revitalize the city. While the document will be legally meaningless, officials are hoping that young lovers will see the registration as an important step in solidifying their commitment to each other.