Who is the lucky actress filming a romantic commercial with a hot Korean leading man? A Malaysian actress recently flew to Korea and was stunned to find that she was filming with Lee Min Ho, the popular Hallyu star from Heirs and Boys Over Flowers. How is it that she didn't know whom she was going to film with?

Apparently it can happen for commercial filming that actors don't necessarily know in advance whom they'd be acting with. The reason is often based on privacy protection as stipulated in the contract. 

Lin Min-Chen, a Malaysian Chinese singer-actress who is currently based in Taiwan, flew to South Korea to film a commercial. When she arrived, she was stunned to find that her leading man was going to be Lee Min Ho

Lin is a K-drama fan too and couldn't believe her luck. She now says it felt like she received a gift from heaven. Even though they filmed in the extremely cold winter weather, she says it's all worth it.

Although Lin Min-Chen speaks Chinese, English, Cantonese, and Malay, she doesn't speak Korean. But that doesn't matter, because the commercial is so cleverly scripted that the two actors never have to speak to each other on screen.

Take a look at the new commercial with a cute romantic encounter!

The commercial portrays a romantic scene for the couple who meet accidentally after a photographer, played by Lee Min Ho, captures the image of a pretty woman passing him by.

For you envious fangirls, Lin says the hot leading man was protected by six bodyguards and seemed rather shy sometimes. He was actually very nice and friendly. They were able to chat once they started working together. She now regrets that she had to wear a wig which looked too big, and the handsome actor couldn't resist laughing out loud when he first saw her in the wig.

It turns out that the "Long-legged Oppa" is the new ambassador for the Oppo R9 smartphone.

He talks about his new endorsement here:

Don't you think Lin Min-Chen was lucky to be filming with Lee Min Ho? 

You can also see more of Lee Min Ho in the Bounty Hunters movie, which is coming to DramaFever soon. 

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