Many people these days go through plastic surgery to change their looks for various reasons. It's their choice, but generally people don't openly tout that they have had 10 surgeries and place immediate post-surgery photos online. However, Malaysian model and DJ Leng Yein is quite happy to go public, and she made it her 2015 New Year's resolution to get a new look. So what did she do and how does she look now? (Please beware that some photos may be upsetting.)

At 29 years old, Leng Yein says she's had 10 plastic surgeries and that she's done them for free because she is a "beauty ambassador" for several Korean plastic surgery clinics. On January 4, she posted her post-surgery photos and wrote the following:

"New Year. New Face. New Start. I am starting my year in Korea as KOREAN BEAUTY AMBASSADOR , sponsored by KBCA and Korea Medical Tour Association (Korea Care)"

In the following YouTube video that she apparently made soon after the surgery, she praised the Korean plastic surgery as making her look  and feel "hot and sexy."

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This is how she looked in day 2 after the surgery:

The surgery included the following procedures, according to her own post: "Nose revision, Nose extension, Nose tip correction, Filler On forehead, Side head, breast top augmentation, Eye tail fold correction, Eye line revision, Lips reshaping, duration total 3.5 hrs including consultations, 3 different surgeons, and still need to do chin filler augmentation."

On January 19, she posted the above photo and wrote the following:

"To all my friends, thanks for being here and see me through all my ups and downs in the recent years
2015 was my best thus far. I had been nominated and won :
I've won the WORLD TOP 100 FDJ 8th Place
I've won Asia's #1 FDJ Winner
I've won Asia's #1 Sexiest DJ Winner
I've won Malaysia #1 FDJ Winner
I've won FHM Most Wanted Woman Winner (Malaysia)
I've won FHM Most Wanted Woman 1st Runner Up (International)
Looking back on all the news and rumors about me, things they think about me, things they speculated, things they say about me, those times they laughed at me, those times they looked down on me... I smiled. And that's it ..."

She also just posted on February 21, when she was the DJ for a U.S. event:

She is certainly pursuing her dreams by following her own path.

News about her and the surgeries made headlines in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and of course Malaysia. Most of the headlines focused on the stunning number of surgeries that she's been willing to undergo. She does have her fans, however, receiving supporting messages on her social medial accounts. 

So, what do you think about Leng Yein, her surgeries, and results? Does her being very open about her experience make you change your opinion about plastic surgeries?

~ NancyZdramaland

(Photo credit: Leng Yein)