Some of you may remember Love Live!, the Japanese animated and multimedia idol group I wrote about a little while ago that's comprised of teenage girls who become idols to save their high school from being demolished. Well... I would now like to introduce you to their most loyal fans.

Japanese idol fans, both male and female, are known for their fanatic loyalty and dedication. They will buy anything associated with their idols and go to every single concert, lining up in line for hours just for an autograph and handshake. But the fans of Love Live! may have one up on other idol fans. If you can proclaim your undying love for high school girls-turned idols that are fictional, animated characters, you obviously can't be topped.

Check out these male fans of Love Live!

This is what you call pure devotion.

Watch an adorable guardian angel who suddenly becomes human survive the perils of high school and first love in High School-Love On