We all can understand the desire to want to impress our newest crush, but not many of us would go as far as to save our hard-earned money to rent a Lamborghini so we could take them for a joyride. A young Taiwanese man in love with his model girlfriend did just that, and it's safe to say that things didn't go  as well as he had hoped because his supercar plan took a turn for the WORST!

An overzealous Taiwanese man who has only been identified as Ding is probably getting prepared to have the worst New Year's of his life. Just last week, to impress his 18-year-old model girlfriend, Ding rented a yellow Lamborghini for 1500 US dollars a day. Everything was going according to plan — until the two unexpectedly got into a wreck in New Taipei City. When the authorities arrived, Ding, being the romeo that he is, instinctively blamed his girlfriend for the crash, claiming that it was her behind the wheel. But after a short investigation, it was determined that it was actually Ding himself who was driving the car, which means he's the one responsible for all the damage.

Fortunately, neither Ding nor his girlfriend were hurt physically, but unfortunately, Ding is mangled emotionally. His 18-year-old girlfriend, who had excitedly posted photos of the Lamborghini and Ding on her social media accounts a few days before the crash, deleted every single one of the photos and erased any reference to Ding, definitively banishing him from her life. As if that wasn't heartbreaking enough, Ding now owes 200,000 dollars for the destroyed Lamborghini. That's a hefty debt for someone who works at the local milk tea shop five days a week instead of being a wealthy businessman like he claimed.

Poor Ding. Here's hoping he'll have a better ending to next year than he did for 2015.