Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini are car brands that usually only the rich can afford, but one Chinese man proved otherwise by creating his own mini, electric version of a Lamborghini to take his grandson to school in.

In Zhengzhou City, in the Henan Province, Old Guo normally took his grandson to school on his moped, but his grandson frequently slipped off the seat. Old Guo decided that he would build some sort of electric car that his grandson could sit in. While researching on the internet, Old Guo took the idea and ran with it. After a year and a half, and spending a little more than $800, he created a mini Lamborghini electric car with great features such as,

1. The ability to drop off your fidgety grandson without having him fall off the seat of your moped

2. Vertical doors for a hot date

3. A stock stereo and legit Lamborghini logo on the steering wheel with buttons for forward and reverse movement4. Real, soft cushioned seating

5. A hitch for towing6. A fully electric power source, which takes 5 batteries for an approximate distance of 37 miles per full charge7. A body that's roughly 6 feet long and 3 feet wide, with sexy Lamborghini style

By only spending about $800, reading internet tips, and investing half of a year of time, you too can make a fully loaded Lamborghini electric mini!

Old Guo has since made a few more custom electric cars after receiving requests from family members.