A man in China has had a surprise of his life. He found out that only one of his twin babies is his own biological child. Say what? The reason is a one-in-a-million medical rarity. But what led him to even start a DNA test in the first place? There is even more revelation, making this true-life story much, much stranger than fiction.

A Chinese man, described as wealthy by the clinic's staff, recently did a DNA test on his twin baby boys. When the babies were born in September 2014, he was at first delighted to find that he got two sons, but then he started to get suspicious. There was no question that the babies were born to the same mother, so why was he suspicious?

The reason is that he and the twins' mother both have single eyelids, but one of the boys has double eyelids. Most westerners probably won't think of eyelids as a significant indicator for ancestry, but to many Chinese people, it is one of the facial features people notice at first sight.

He decided to take samples to a DNA-testing clinic. When the shocking results came out, the first question he asked was, "How is it possible?" 

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Well, it actually is possible, even though it is a one-in-a-million chance. Normally a female ovulates only one egg for every cycle, but it is possible that the woman ovulated two eggs during one cycle. And, if the same woman had sex with two different men and both eggs got fertilized, the resulting twin pregnancy is rare, but not an impossibility.

Once the shocking results came out, the man revealed a further stunning back-story. According to him, his own wife is barren, so he has kept a girlfriend "on the outside" who gave birth to the twins.

Now he plans to keep his biological son and return the other baby to the girlfriend. He said, "Of course I will raise my own child, but it isn't fair for me to raise someone else's child." He plans to have a serious talk with his girlfriend, who he claimed he didn't have much feeling for anyway.

What do you think? Would you keep the baby if you were this man? If you were the mother, what would you do?

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