Who wouldn't love to receive a heart-shaped bouquet of pretty roses? These bouquets are particularly special because if you look carefully, you'll see that each of these roses is a carefully folded paper flower. And the paper is not just any paper, but Chinese dollar bills worth $33,000 USD.

Chen, the man who must have spent countless hours folding these flowers, did it to propose to his girlfriend. During the lunar new year holiday, this man from Hanzhou, Zhejiang province of China went on a trip with his girlfriend to visit her family. While chatting with the girl's mother, he mentioned an interest in marriage, although he didn't formally propose. The mother didn't say no, but she hinted that he needed some assets to prepare for marriage.

She said, "You can rent if you aren't married, but it won't look good if you are married but don't have your own house." She also hinted that he needed to buy a car.

Chen was unhappy with this experience. Nevertheless, he thought it over and decided to withdraw 200,000 yuan (or 33,000 US dollars) from his 5 years of total savings in cash. He folded the bills into 999 roses and will use them to propose to his girlfriend.

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Chen said that the news usually reports about the new rich who propose with gold or money by the tons. He doesn't have that kind of money, so he decided to be more creative to impress his girlfriend.

We certainly wish him good luck and hope the girl will be touched by his sincere artwork.