This might just be the cutest revenge of all time. When some people get mad they send angry letters, threaten violence, or yell and scream, but one man named Xiang sends 1,130 baby ducks.

The man sent the ducks to his boss' home after a lengthly dispute over wages. Apparently three years ago Xiang wanted to quit his job under his boss named Bing. However, before he left the job, Xiang claimed that his boss owed him 3,000 RMB in total wages.

The dispute continued for the next couple of years with Bing never actually paying his employee. In retaliation, Xiang bought the baby ducks from a farmer and had them shipped to his boss's home, where the ducklings then took over Bing's home. The two men are working out their dispute but we'll bet that Bing will now think twice about withholding wages from employees.