The saying " you win some, you lose some" was never truer than for a Taiwanese man who lost out on one small opportunity, but won millions of dollars instead.

A man and his friends were visiting Kaohsiung city in southern Taiwan, but they found out too late that the restaurant they were hoping to visit was not open that day. Instead, they decided to go across the street and try their luck at the special "Golden Horse" series of lottery tickets issued to welcome in the lunar new year.

He bought 4 tickets. On the fourth one, he realized he had won and went to the clerk. Here's the funny exchange:

He said, "Miss, I won 300,000 NT dollars."

She looked at it and said, "Congratulations! You won 3,000,000 NT dollars."

He almost couldn't believe it! Three million NT dollars (for New Taiwan Dollars) is converted to about 100,000 US dollars. The store owner decided to give him his prize money right there so that he didn't have to make a separate trip to the lottery office. The lucky winner was so happy that he gave every one of the three clerks in the store a big tip.

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The Taiwanese government issued this special lucky "Golden Horse" series of lottery tickets and guaranteed that everyone would be a winner, although they were not guaranteed to win as much as they paid for the ticket. This lucky man won the top prize. Once the news got out, many more customers came to the store to see if they could get the same good luck.

Here's the video showing the crowd buying lottery tickets: