A robot bride was forced to marry her creator last week in a ceremony in China, doomed to spend the rest of her existence with a man who plans on eventually getting her to do whatever his heart desires. But don't get so upset . . . he loves her with all his heart.

Finally, Zheng Jiajia is a happily married man. Having had his heart torn into pieces by an ex-girlfriend while at Zhejiang University, the 31-year-old had decided that he was done with romance. But unlike those who drown in their own sorrows, Zheng, who won a national robot competition during his college days by developing a machine that could play football, locked himself inside a laboratory and went to work, eventually creating what he had always wanted and wished for — a beautiful, loving wife who would forever be his. 

Still, marriage is a big step, one of the biggest decisions anyone will ever make in life. So Zheng dated "Yingying" for two months, then popped the big question to his robotic sweetheart. Despite not hearing a response, the two were married in front of family and friends at a proper ceremony last week. Zheng Jiajia is not doing this as a joke. His wife can say a few words, and even recognize images and Chinese characters. It will be a long road ahead, but Zheng plans on making upgrades through the years, so that Yiingying will eventually be able to move, talk, and even do the dishes. Relationships take hard work and commitment. Haven't you heard?

Congratulations to Zheng for finding his eternal love. As for Yinying . . . I'm sorry!

The happy groom with his wife, under the traditional Chinese scarf

"She weighs 30 kilograms!"

The anticipation of marriage . . . 


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