A man in China fell down a hole at a construction site, breaking multiple bones in the process before he was finally rescued. If he has his way, you'll be purchasing a game for your phone that he designed based on his free fall, appropriately titled "Plummet."

We all know that turning a negative into a positive is the ideal way to live your life. Sometimes, things are easier said than done, but not for Mark Major, an unlucky passer-by from New Zealand who plummeted almost 30 feet down a shaft while he was walking near a construction site in Beijing. He broke his back, hit his head, and, seven years later, turned his harrowing experience into an iPhone game that just became available as an app in the iTunes Store on January 12. Mark was waiting for approval from Apple, and the game went online just two days ago. In the game, players will be able to guide Mark through the hole at the construction site as he falls, and the deeper he goes, the more points you get. And best of all, it's free! 

For more information, visit http://brokenbackgames.com.

Based on a true story

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The always-positive Mark