Ok, so maybe doing the right thing doesn't always pay. A 63-year-old man with the surname Chen recently went to a China Construction Bank branch and asked for 3,000 yuan (roughly $500). The man then received 30,000 yuan (almost $5,000) from a bank employee. When he learned of the error, Chen immediately gave the money back to the bank, but the bank seemed a little less than grateful.

His friends told him that he should go back to the bank and ask for a reward. Chen returned to the bank and told the manager what happened and jokingly hinted that he should be rewarded for returning the money. The manager totally agreed and gave him a mug. He then tried to ask if he could have another item in the bank instead, like an electric cooker, but the manager said those were reserved for people who make big deposits. Pretty depressed, Chen returned home and looked up the price of the mug, which totaled one dollar. We're guessing that next time there is a bank oversight, he may just keep the money. However, maybe honesty is its own reward.