Who says geeky guys aren't romantic? A Chinese man wore smartwear that is integrated with GPS apps to record a happy birthday message to his wife on the occasion of her birthday and Chinese Valentine's Day.

Tom tries to think of a unique present for his wife's birthday every year. For this year's gift, he started planning last year and thought of drawing a message with his running paths tracked by smartwear integrated with GPS apps.

It isn't as easy as it sounds. Tom had to start his fitness routine months ago. Actually, he started last year, but his knees couldn't bear the routine, and he had to rest and recuperate. Finally, his knees recovered, and he resumed his plan. He ran twice a day, about 10 miles for each run, and it took him 20 days to complete the project. To avoid being criticized as having a commercial interest, he even did it with two different brands of smartwear.

Here's his loving fruit of labor with the following message:

Zhao Shan Shan

Happy Birthday

I love you

His meaningful gift is doubly precious this year, as around this time is also Chinese Valentine's Day known as 7-7, for the seventh day of the seventh Lunar month, which took place on August 2nd this year.

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Let's wish a happy birthday to Tom's wife and give a high five to Tom. Great job!

(photo credit 36kr.com)