People have historically asked the question, "What makes art beautiful?" And usually the answer is not, "smashing it." Well, don't tell that to a local Miami artist who recently went into the Perez Art Museum Miami and broke an Ai Weiwei vase worth one million dollars. The artist's name is Maximo Caminero, and he said that he broke the vase, "For all the local artists in Miami that have never been shown in museums here." Caminero ironically broke the piece in front of a photograph of Ai Weiwei breaking an ancient Chinese vase.

The title of the work was "Colored Vases." Caminero mentioned that seeing the photo of the Chinese artist inspired him to break the vase. In the police report, the museum security guard told the local artist to put down the vase before he dropped it. Caminero was then charged with criminal mischief.