This is one of those "dumbest criminals of all time" nominees. A 60-year-old man walked into a neighborhood police station, pulled out a kitchen knife, and demanded money. The victim then arrested him on the spot.

A crook in Shizuoka Prefecture got arrested yesterday after attempting to rob some cops. "Give me your money!" he yelled, while waving around a seven inch kitchen knife inside the police station. The cop on duty, who happened to be a kendo expert, hit the knife out of the man's hand with his baton. Another smaller knife was pointed at the cop, but by that time some other police on patrol came in and promptly took the robber down.

There has to be a reason. There must be. Why would anybody in their right mind decide to rob a police station? Maybe he didn't notice it was a police station before barging in? He did it to make his friends laugh? He really thought he could get away with it? He was just drunk? What's his deal?

I'd actually try to get selected if I had jury duty for this case!