I've done some pretty dumb things in relationships before and definitely apologized for them. But my commitment to reconciling any situation doesn't even come close to one man in Dongying, China who recently kneeled and begged for forgiveness outside his girlfriend's hair salon for over 30 days! 

The man stayed on his knees outside her salon and barely even moved after strangers tried to help him up. Apparently the man was begging his girlfriend to change her mind. 

I would hope after 30 days, she would at least hear him. Netizens have had both extremely positive and sharply negative reactions to the story, with some saying the following: 

"30 days of kneeling without getting up is disguised emotional blackmail and soft violence. Such a man is not actually dependable, their personality/disposition too extreme, and their post-marriage behavior impossible to predict. I hope the girl will think carefully before acting…"

"Young man, get up, I’ll marry you."

"If you’re going to kneel, then kneel three minutes, and if she doesn’t forgive you after three minutes, stop kneeling, it’s over, go home and give it a rest."

"Those without money can only do this."

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