In a post recently uploaded on taobao, which is the biggest Chinese online auction site, a man amazingly tried to rent himself out to single women by posting a picture of Won Bin, who is a popular Korean actor, along with the description, “I guarantee that I am a man who has a neat appearance and a nice manner.” The seller went on to say, "The best gift you can give to your parents is your boyfriend."

The Chinese New Year, which is one of the major holidays of China, is fast approaching, and the practice of ‘boyfriend renting’ is unrelenting again. Boyfriend renting is for single women who are being pressured to get married. These kind of posts appear ever year at the approaching Spring Festival.

The seller is renting himself at 300 Yuan (about $50) per day, but it is a base pay. According to the post, if he does any physical labor the buyer has to pay more. This service is a temporary contract relationship, and so he will do the basic work of a boyfriend, like shopping, watching TV with the women’s parents and visiting the parents’ homes.

The pressure to be in a relationship this time of year does not just apply to women. It also affects men so much that one Chinese mother recently had to put a letter to her runaway son on a full-page ad in the newspaper saying that she won’t force him to get married anymore, and she wants him to come home for the New Year’s.