In a touching story of lost and found, a man from Sichuan, China was finally reunited with his father and sister 24 years after being kidnapped as a child. The emotional photos from the reunion demonstrate the anguish of the separation and the joy they felt at finally finding each other once again. 

At 4 years old, Sun Bin was abducted in 1991 from a food market where his dad was working as a vendor and taken to Xuzhou. When he turned 28, he was able to successfully locate his real father with the help of the public security bureau. Here are photographs of their intensely emotional reunion:

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Sun Bin was also able to meet his sister, who he never knew because she was born after his abduction.

Sun bin's father then shared a photograph that was taken just 4 days before the child's disappearance. He said, "During mid-autumn festival, when he was four years and 15 days old, we took photos of him." His parents unsuccessfully traveled far and wide in search of their lost child. The father shared, "as long as we had a sign, we went." His wife's health began to suffer as a result of the stress. The mother's current whereabouts were not reported. 

While the family is very sad that they lost out on so much time together and experienced so much anguish, they are so grateful for the miracle of being reunited.