This story simply started with a Chinese company owner who has compassion for his workers. He won a huge lottery and wanted to share the winnings with his employees for the Luna New Year. But the interesting angle is how he picked the lucky numbers.

When Wang (not his real name) found out he won, his first reaction was, "My 40 workers can get their bonuses." He was so calm and he didn't even tell his wife yet.

Wang is not even 30 years old and owns two companies in Jianxi province of China. With the upcoming Lunar New Year, he was worried about not being able to give year-end bonuses to his employees. Then he tried his luck at the "Lucky Double Color Ball" lotto and won big. His winning was 200 million yuan, equivalent to 33 million in US dollars.

Usually, this is where the story ends, as we are happy to learn about a kind boss who cares about his employees. But there's more.

Wang later confessed that he used 4 sets of important numbers from his two ex-girlfriends and his wife for his lucky pick. The first two sets were the respective birth dates of his first love and a long-time girlfriend. The other two numbers were his wife's birth date and their anniversary.

He has maintained friendships with the two ex-girlfriends who he had once loved dearly. He has bet on the same set of numbers for over a year and a half, and every time he played the lottery, he would promise in his heart that he would give a good gift to each of these three important women in his life.

Now that he's really won it big, he plans to ask his wife first before buying the gifts for his ex-girlfriends, but he's concerned that his wife will be jealous, especially now that she is pregnant.

He also hasn't told his parents yet because he's concerned the news will agitate them too much due to their ill health. He plans to buy a new car for his father and a bigger house as a gift to his wife. He is also thinking about taking a year off to spend time with the baby.

It looks like the whole world knows about his win except the three important women and his parents. If all the Asian dramas have taught us anything, one important lesson is that he'd better be the first one to tell his wife before gossipers get to her first. At any rate, congratulations to Wang and his 40 employees, and I hope his wife gets the best gift of them all.