If, like me, you've been crushing on Park Seo Joon for, well, forever, or just love watching Kim Ji Won own whatever role she plays, you are in luck! Their newest drama Fight My Way is now available to marathon on DramaFever! Pop the popcorn and get ready to power through, because this show is going to take you on an amazingly fun and sweet ride that shows that even if your life is third-rate, your love is not!


Park Seo Joon (Hwarang, She Was Pretty) and Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun, Heirs) star in a drama that shows even a life without money and success can be beautiful; you just have to fight for it. When four long-time friends with third-rate careers become tired of struggling to make ends meet, they make it their mission to start living the good life.

Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) is a contract employee living a mundane life. Hard to believe he was once a taekwondo prodigy that was super popular with the girls. He was the Tony Jaa of his small town. And when a small town rebellious hero attends school in Seoul, he wins the hearts of girls and the ire of teachers. Along with his friend Kim Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong from Answer Me 1988), the “Man Brothers” caused trouble and broke hearts everywhere they went.

Ko Dong Man’s biggest fan and longtime friend is fellow hometown girl Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won). She works as an information desk attendant. In school, she dreamed of being an anchor, and loved taking her fake microphone to Dong Man’s matches. Along with her innocent and quirky friend Baek Sul Hee (Song Ha Yoon from Touching You), Choi Ae Ra was Ko Dong Man’s biggest fan in school.

For the four of them, it was the best time of their lives. And it’s all gone. Choi Ae Ra is not the anchor of her dreams. Ko Dong Man is nowhere near that UFC championship. Kim Joo Man is just a home-shopping network employee. Baek Sul Hee is a store clerk. The two have been in a steady relationship for six years, but even that isn’t going well anymore.

When they were young, the world was at their feet. Now, it calls them “third rate.” Can these third-raters find the happiness they all thought they would have, or is finding their way of life the one fight they simply won’t win? Also known as “Third Rate My Way” and “Fight For My Way,” Fight My Way is directed by Lee Na Jeong (Oh My Venus) and written by Im Sang Choon (Becky’s Back). The drama marks the first leading role for Kim Ji Won, after successful appearances on hits like Descendants of the Sun and Heirs.





Fight My Way

Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won

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