March Madness is that time of the year when people across all walks of life pretend they have been passionately interested in college basketball all season. Good Drama Fans are passionate about dramas ALL the time, so we here at DramaFever thought we’d give our own March Madness a whirl and let you all pick your favorite Drama of ALL TIME! (Or you know, in this poll for the next four weeks.)

Our four brackets are High School, Supernatural, Melodrama, and Historical. Dramas in each category were given a ranking from 1-8, based on popularity, awards, influence and how much the author loves them. No science, just a gut feeling. Some dramas fit more than one category, a good percentage of you will be unhappy at the ranking, still more of you will be peeved that your favorite drama is not even in the brackets this year. To all this I say: All suggestions will be noted for future contests. Current contestants were determined by the whims and suggestions of the author’s drama viewing circle.

Next week we will vote on this week’s winners — until Only One Remains Triumphant! To the votes! Show title is followed by (Ranking). Pick one in each matchup. Round One:

High School

School 2013 (1) vs. Shut Up Flower Boy Band (8) free polls

Boys Over Flowers (2) vs. Playful Kiss (7) free polls

After School: Lucky or Not Season 1 (3) vs. Heirs (6) free polls

Monstar (4) vs. Dream High Season One (5) free polls


City Hunter (1) vs. Love to Kill (8) free polls

It's Okay That's Love (2) vs. Angel Eyes (7) free polls

Nice Guy (3) vs. I Miss You (6) free polls

Kill Me, Heal Me (4) vs. Suspicious Housekeeper (5) free polls

When a cursed prince and a doomed princess fall in love, can they escape their destinies? Find out in Shine or Go Crazy:


My Love From Another Star (1) vs. Operation Proposal (8) free polls

Rooftop Prince (2) vs. Vampire Prosecutor Season One (7) free polls

Secret Garden (3) vs. 49 Days (6) free polls

The Master's Sun (4) vs. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (5) free polls


Sungkyunkwan Scandal (1) vs. Warrior Baek Dong Soo (8) free polls

Jewel in the Palace (2) vs. Arang and the Magistrate (7) free polls

Empress Ki (3) vs. Moon that Embraces the Sun (6) free polls

Faith (4) vs. Bridal Mask (5) free polls

Get voting, drama fans, and let us know who you think will win in the comments!