There is a moment in every child's life when they realize their mother was right all along. Looking at Round Four's results, I had that moment. When I put together the original brackets I thought, "Boys Over Flowers might give it a run for it's money, but My Love From Another Star will win it all." Early voting had My Love From Another Star just spanking Faith. Then about Thursday, Faith took the lead and won by about 900 votes. 

"Just what," thinks the Drama Fan, "does this have to do with your mom?" Simple, say I, hoping not to fall into third person like a really irritating person: she has been calling the big enchilada for Faith since the beginning. Maybe it's because My Love From Another Star has thirty title variations — all of which I used during this contest — and fans were confused and it fell behind. Maybe non-Lee Min Ho fans gave up voting. Maybe some non-Lee Min Ho fans decided to make LMH fans squirm by pitting his two dramas mano a mano in the finale.  Maybe his shows just have that je ne sais quoi. Either way we are getting a LMH showdown. It's Okay, That's Love had no chance against Boys Over Flowers — which seems to have been the gateway drama for 90% of the fans out there.

Votes for MVP: NON Final Four, NON Lee Min Ho dramas from this contest. I see you Coffee PrincePinocchio, and Healer fans! I promise that at some point I will write an article or draw up a contest or something, just for you. I love you too. For now, vote for your MVP: Secret GardenMaster's Sun, and Playful Kiss are in the lead. ALSO! Vote for the three largest factors in loving a drama.

But first, Holy Smokes! How did I not realize it is Curly Joon Pyo versus Curly Choi Young? The epiphanies you have pulling pictures! Vote, Vote, Vote!

Final Two:

Faith vs. Boys Over Flowers free polls

Best of the Rest (Pick Three) free polls

Favorite Factors (pick three)

Favorite Factors (pick three) free polls

Thanks for voting, Drama Fans! Check back next week to find out who won it all, who's the MVP, and why fans pick the way they do. Did you predict this final two? Let me know in the comments!