The  battle for the Final Four was intense, Drama Fans. Some of you are thinking, "What's the point? All of So Ji Sub's dramas have been knocked off the list." And to you I say, "I understand your pain, but that is why MVPs were created." After the Final Four voting, stick around for the Best of the Rest Poll, where you'll be able to vote for your favorite 3 dramas (I know you can't choose just one. I'm not cruel.) from the non top four NON-Lee Min Ho choices. Next week will include a poll asking you about your favorite drama elements.

In High School,  Boys Over Flowers once again prevailed, leaving Dream High to tell their friends how they could have been a contender. My Love from Another Star took an early lead, and Secret Garden could not catch up. It's Okay, That's Love gave City Hunter a solid punch at the beginning of their bout. City Hunter rallied for a day and a half, but it ultimately was KO'd by 98 votes. It's Okay, That's Love is the first non-Lee Min Ho drama to defeat the Pretty One. Out of the gate, Faith and Moon That Embraces the Sun were neck and neck.  Down the track they went: first one then the other in the lead. Finally at the last minute, Faith edged out Moon with 35 votes. Bracket Winners: Historical Faith, Supernatural — My Love from Another Star, MelodramaIt's Okay, That's Love, High School Boys Over Flowers.

Conference One:

My Love from Another Star vs. Faith free polls

Conference Two:

It's Okay, That's Love vs. Boys Over Flowers free polls

Best of the Rest

Best of the Rest (pick three) free polls

So vote, vote, vote Drama Fans, and tell us who will make it to the finals in the comments!