During Round One all I heard from Drama Fans was: "These match ups are so uneven; it's so UNFAIR!" Round Two all I heard from Drama Fans was, "Why did you match up X versus Y? I love them both; it's so UNFAIR!" You know what else is unfair? That I have to be funny and summon funniness from the depth of my soul, when So Ji SubSong Joong Ki, AND Park Yoo Chun have been knocked out of the running. Erm, uh... I mean their shows. Yeah, that's it, their shows.  "WHY," thinks the Drama Fan, "is she still talking when all we want to do is find out who won the Boys Over Flowers/Heirs match up?" Okay, OKAY! I am here to serve. See how much I love you? 

I promise not to tease anymore. Without further ado: Yes,  DREAM HIGH won the battle of the bands against Shut Up Flower Boy Band. What? I thought you wanted the High School bracket results? Really, I am done teasing now. Joon Pyo and his Giant Fur Collar remain triumphant! By a margin of eleven, measly votes, Boys Over Flowers won the battle with Heirs. Goodbye, Kim Tan's fuzzy pink sweater!

In SupernaturalThe Master's Sun took a swipe at My Love From Another Star, only to become a ghost itself.  Hyun Bin's Handmade Italian tracksuits in Secret Garden handily beat the Park Yoo Chun's be-denimed glory in Rooftop Prince, but can his sartorial splendor boost him to victory against the weakened alien titan in the Elite Eight?

In HistoricalArang and the Magistrate and Sungkyunkwan Scandal were both banished to the mists of history by Moon that Embraces the Sun and Faith respectively. While many voters professed it was indeed their deep love of the Faith OST that led them to vote for Faith, I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have been their abiding affection for the silver hair jewelry of Yoo Oh Sung. Yeah! That's got to be it!

Closing out the brackets with Melodrama, we say farewell to Nice Guy and Kill Me, Heal Me. We all knew deep down that Kill Me, Kill could not withstand the flood waters of City Hunter. I had hoped Nice Guy would win against It's Okay, That's Love, not just because it's a masterpiece on taking responsibility for your own actions (as well as some crazy hot kisses), but because the titles with commas are a pain in the a...ankle to type. Yes, that's a petty reason. That's just it! Petty Reasons are all you need. So vote, vote, VOTE in the Elite Eight! Choose who ought to represent their categories in the Final Four!


It's Oay, That's Love vs. City Hunter


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Moon That Embraces the Sun vs. Faith


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Watch the all-star cast of Unkind Women, including Lee Ha Na, Chae Si Ra, and Song Jae Rim, in a series about three generations of women learning to support each other:

High School

Dream High vs. Boys Over Flowers


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My Love From Another Star vs. Secret Garden


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Who do you think will win each bracket Drama Fans? Tell us in the comments and see you next time for the Final Four!