If we have learned anything from Round One of our K-drama March Madness, it's that Lee Min Ho fans like voting in polls.  This is the only conclusion I can draw when his shows are squashing the competition like bugs on a windshield. 

Of course that will not help this week, as Boys Over Flowers combats Heirs in an epic struggle that will pit the nostalgia of Joon Pyo's giant fur collar against Kim Tan's weird kaleidoscope pullover. (Side Note — Dear LORD! I had forgotten just how crazy the wardrobe was in that show until I started pulling pictures.) Shut Up Flower Boy Band narrowly won its match-up last week, only to contend with Dream High

In Supernatural, can the epic hotness of So Ji Sub in Master's Sun contend with the juggernaut of My Love from Another Star — which swept up a cool 96% in its last match up? Will Secret Garden's foamy kiss tip the scale on Rooftop Prince's cross-time love story?

All the action last week was in the fiercely contested battle between Nice Guy and I Miss You. Can Nice Guy rebound to topple It's Okay, That's Love from its perch? Kill Me, Heal Me's crazy roller coaster of a show will now play David to City Hunter's Goliath. Will this plucky show unexpectedly take down its competition?

Odds are that it will take the combined awesomeness of Park Yoo Chun, Song Joong Ki, and Yoo Ah In in  Sungkyunkwan Scandal to defeat Faith with its beautiful OST and, oh yeah, Lee Min Ho. Moon that Embraces the Sun goes up against Arang and the Magistrate, both defeating their former rivals, but with the edge going to Moon that Embraces the Sun.

So vote vote vote Drama Fans! It's as much voting against as voting for. On to the Sweet Sixteen!


My Love From Another Star vs. The Master's Sun


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Rooftop Prince vs. Secret Garden


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Moon that Embraces the Sun vs. Arang and the Magistrate


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Sungkyunkwan Scandal vs. Faith


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It's Okay, That's Love vs. Nice Guy


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City Hunter vs. Kill Me, Heal Me


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High School

Shut Up Flower Boy Band vs. Dream High


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Boys Over Flowers vs. Heirs


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Make your voices heard, and check back next week to vote on the Elite Eight!