Thank you, K-drama Fans for voting in the first annual Drama Fever March Madness. Normally, I'd tease you a little bit by giving you some kind of long-winded shtick about So Ji Sub (because who doesn't like a good So Ji Sub picture?), but since the Lee Min Ho fans are still smarting over that news that he is dating for realz, I'll be kind and give you the news up front. But first, have I ever told you about my dog? OK, I'm sorry I can't help myself. Drum Roll please...


By 600 votes, and according to fans, votes were heavily weighted by nostalgia. And now for the obligatory So Ji Sub picture:

My hands don't want to believe it either Ji Sub.

In Best of the Rest, Kill Me, Heal Me took an early lead in week one but finished in fourth place behind Secret Garden, Playful Kiss and The Master's Sun. Operation Proposal ended up as the goat — only garnering 60 votes. Here are the top five:

1. Secret Garden (1,370 votes)

2. Playful Kiss (1,309 votes)

3. The Master's Sun (1,204 votes)

4. Kill Me, Heal Me (1,035)

5. Moon That Embraces the Sun (996 votes)

And the bottom five:

1. Operation Proposal (60 votes)

2. After School: Lucky or Not Season One (77 votes)

3. Suspicious Housekeeper (81 votes)

4. Love To Kill (95 votes)

5. Warrior Baek Dong Soo (104 votes)

In the Favorite Factors that drive your K drama enjoyment, romance was your number one pick. I'm going to guess by Romance many of you are meaning kisses. Here  — have a kiss. For once the man is more shocked than the lady. 

 Here are the results in descending order:

1. Romance (665)

2. Leading Man (645)

3. Music (384)

4. Leading Lady (341)

5. Plot Twists (206)

6. Supporting Actors (168)

7. Writing/Creative Team (161)`

8. Action (143)

9. Mystery (132)

10. Length (123)

11.  Costumes (47)

13. Martial Arts (45)

13. Locations (45)

Thank you again for participating! Are you happy with the results? What categories should I use next time? Did you find yourself watching your favorite drama or did you try something new? Let me know in the comments!

Re-live the nostalgia of Boys over Flowers: