Mark and Junior headed to the beach for CeCi magazine! The sexy GOT7 members enjoyed the sun's warm rays in their recent summer photo shoot with Asia's number one trend magazine. During the shoot, the young idols' attire transitioned from preppy casual to business chic in the fun season pictorial. The Dream Knight stars, who were caring co-workers on set, also took part in an interview where they discussed summer memories and their group's music. Mark mentioned that he loved playing at the beach as a child. 

"When I lived in USA, there was a beach nearby, so I played until I was totally tan." Junior continued the conversation by adding, "I went with my grandfather often for night fishing. But I was bad, so I didn't really catch that many." 

When asked about their Flight Log: Departure mini album and recent Fly In Seoul concert, the boys gushed about GOT7's hands-on approach to both projects:  "So far, GOT7 was trying to find our own color. The members participated not only in the songs but also in the MV and outfits, so we're really fond of it."

Mark added, "I got on stage with Junior, who I wanted to have a unit stage with. It was a bright stage, and we planned it for a while, and were happy to show our fans." Junior concluded with this,  "I can't forget the stage that we dressed up as the female idols. It was embarrassing, but the fans liked it, so it's a good memory."

GOT7 puts their fans first! Despite the absence of JB, the boy group is planning to give it their all overseas so IGOT7s can enjoy themselves during the Fly In USA tour.  Seoul had a blast at the premiere show, and now American fans in Dallas, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta and Los Angeles can look forward to the ultimate on-stage party in July.

What do you think about their CeCi feature? Are you planning to spend your summer with GOT7 during their Fly In USA tour?


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