Let's take a look at what may be one of the most romantic scenes ever, not just in the fantasy realm of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) but probably in the entire romantic dramaland. It occurs when Crown Prince Ye Hua (Mark Chao) unexpectedly meets White Fox Princess Bai Qian (Yang Mi) under a peach tree. (I'm also including a translation of "Chilly," one of the beautiful theme songs.)

(Spoilers Alert) 

(We're about to discuss what happens in episode 30.)

If you've been watching Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms so far, you'd know that Prince Ye Hua has lived in sorrow for over 300 years after his beloved Su Su jumped off the Zuxian Terrace, leaving him to raise their baby son A-Li. 

On a business trip... actually, on his way to visit the Eastern Sea Emperor's banquet, he stops by the peach orchard to reminisce at the favorite place that he and Su Su visited in happier days.

Coincidentally, White Fox Princess Bai Qian is enjoying a midnight cap while perched on a tree branch laden with peach flowers. Under the moonlight, she sees a handsome young man in the orchard and wants to get a better look. When she loses balance and falls, who else but the quick-thinking fast-acting Crown Prince Ye Hua to fly over and catch her in mid-air!

It's a stunning and breathtaking scene to see the two romantic leads together with their flowing robes amidst the pink peach blossoms, and Ye Hua's intense gaze upon Bai Qian is especially endearing.

(If a scene is rated from 1 to 10 on a romance scale, this one gets 100!)

Watch: What happens when they see each other for the first time in 300 years? 

Ye Hua hugs her, calls her Su Su, because Bai Qian looks just like the woman he's loved forever.

Bai Qian sees him as a handsome stranger and doesn't reject his advances because she is half inebriated.

Right before they are about to kiss, Bai Qian regains her senses and vanishes into a fairy puff.

Ye Hua is bewildered and dismayed. He searches to no avail and concludes he must have imagined it.

But it really did happen!

Neither of them is aware that Bai Qian really was Su Su when she lost her memory and powers after a fierce battle and transformed into a mortal.

What could possibly make this scene even better for fans?

How about understanding the lyrics to "Chilly," the beautiful and touching song that perfectly captures the romantic emotions tinged with sadness?

(Note: It's my translation*, not an official version. If you want to copy my translation, please credit me and the drama.)

Since it's sung in a duet, I'll list each line by the singing voice, (F) for female and (M) for male.

F: 涼涼夜色為你思念成河 Longing thoughts for you in the chilly night converge into river
F: 化作春泥呵護著我 Turning into mud in the springtime to nurture me

M: 淺淺歲月拂滿愛人袖 Time brushes gently to fill the lover's sleeves
M: 片片芳菲入水流 Fragrant petals fall piece by piece into the flowing water

F: 涼涼天意瀲灩一身花色 Heaven's chilling will stuns me to lose all colors
F: 落入凡塵傷情著我 Falling into the mortal realm with injured feelings

M: 生劫易渡情劫難了 Easier to survive a calamity than mend a broken heart
M: 折舊的心還有幾分前生的恨 Even an old soul can't fully forget past grievances

F: 涼涼三生三世恍然如夢  Three reborn lives coldly pass like a dream
F: 須臾的年風乾淚痕 A year's tears are dried momentarily by the wind

M: 若是回憶不能再相認 When memories remain without recognition
M: 就讓情分落九塵 Let love scatter to the farthest realm of the universe

F: 涼涼十里何時還會春盛 The barren ten miles may never see spring bloom again
F: 又見樹下一盞風存 Yet under the tree a lamp remains in the breeze

M: 落花有意流水無情 A flower falls for the water but the feeling is not mutual
M: 別讓恩怨愛恨涼透那花的純 Don't let resentment freeze the flower's pure heart

(Repeat the last stanza.)

Both: 吾生願牽塵 I wish to stay with you to the end of the world

They will meet again in a hilarious encounter in the Eastern Sea's Crystal Palace, which also takes place in episode 30. 

If you haven't watched the fantasy drama, I'd highly recommend that you start from the beginning. Why? It's because episode 30 is the sweetest reward once you have been through the ups and downs along with this couple's journey of love.


Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) - 三生三世十里桃花

Starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao

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I'm too embarrassed to admit how many times I've watched episode 30. I've already written about their hilarious scenes. If I could, I would write about the entire episode. It has the elements of dreamy surprise, cleaver dialogues, and funny encounters. It also comes after their tragic separation, making the reunion sweeter for them and for the viewers.


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*I apologize if my translation doesn't quite match the original writer's full intent. The beautiful lyrics are written in the style of an old poem and are not as easily translated like modern dialogues. (Note: My translation is not the official version. If you want to copy my translation, please credit me and the drama.)

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