This real-life story comes from China and reads like a heart-wrenching Asian drama. A young married couple recently found out that they are actually brother and sister due to a terrible secret, just when they were planning to have a baby.

Wei and Qing (names were changed for the report) grew up in the same neighborhood. Wei was four years older than Qing, and he always took good care of Qing. When they got older, they started to fall in love.

Last year, they decided to get married. Wei's mother had passed away when he was only a child and his father gave his consent to the marriage. Qing's mother liked Wei, but her father kept quiet and did not say anything.

They got married and have been living a pretty nice life together since. Friends joked that they looked alike. Usually it's considered an auspicious sign when the husband and wife match each other well in looks. Wei even resembled Qing's brother and father. Whenever someone made such a joke, Wei's father, Bao, would look very uncomfortable. Recently, the young couple decided it was time to have a baby. Bao suddenly revealed a terrible family secret.

It turned out that twenty-some years ago, when Bao was a young bachelor, he had an affair with Wei's mother. Bao lived next door to Wei's parents, but the husband was frequently away. Gradually Bao and the young, lonely woman became friends, and then the friends turned into lovers. Their affair lasted for about two years. After Wei's mother became pregnant with Wei, Bao met someone else, got married, and had a baby named Qing.

Bao confessed that he did not have the courage to tell them about this long-ago affair in order to prevent their marriage, despite the strong possibility that Wei was his son. The young couple was shocked, and decided to get a DNA test. The result came back that the probability was 99.99% that they were siblings.

At the time of reporting, it was not known what this young couple would do next. The older generation's wrongful behavior has certainly inflicted an indelible harm to the innocent younger generation.