A couple in China have been married for 7 years and haven't had any children. A visit to the doctor's reveals a shocking reason, and the prescription for the cure is even more stunning.

This unusual story came from Chinese media. According to the news, the couple married 7 years ago but haven't had any children. Their concerned parents asked them to visit the doctor's for a checkup. The doctor examined the couple and discovered the wife was still a virgin.

Apparently, they have only been hugging each other to sleep. Under separate questioning, it was confirmed that the husband and wife simply did not understand 'the birds and the bees,' as the saying goes. They have never had sex since (and obviously before) they got married.

The doctor tried to explain the important how-to to them, but they didn't seem to understand. Finally, he suggested that they watch some adult films.

Also according to the news, the husband is a teacher and the wife is an accountant. They are both around 30 years old, and they have been HAPPILY married for 7 years.

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We do not know if they are still happily married after the prescribed treatment.

(Photo: scene from Absolute Boyfriend)

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