It was a beautiful spring day in Tampa, Florida two days ago, and the Yankees were preparing for a spring training game when none other than Richard Gere showed up a few hours early to throw out the first pitch. Gere walked around before the game, greeting some of the players and posing for photographs, including new Japanese phenom Masahiro Tanaka. When later asked by Japanese reporters how it felt to meet Richard Gere, Tanaka's response was a little surprising.

Gere, walking past a throng of Japanese journalists, jokingly asked, "Are you all here for me or for Masahiro?"

As Masahiro Tanaka was playing catch, Gere approached him and they exchanged hellos. The Japanese photographers captured the special moment: a Hollywood star and national superstar Tanaka exchanging pleasantries. The cameras loudly clicked away.

After Tanaka was done with practice, a large group of Japanese reporters surrounded him in the clubhouse, all eager to get a few words from him about his day. The very first question was about Richard Gere:

"So what was it like meeting Richard Gere?" Tanaka was asked.

"I don't watch movies so I didn't know who he was," he nonchalantly replied.

The reported moved on, asking, "How was your slider?"

"I still need to work on some things," he answered simply.

I guess the Japanese reporters answered Richard Gere's question without having to actually answer it.