Greetings Drama Club fans! And welcome to the newest addition to the melodramatic K-masterpieces ^-^ Things really start of with a bang, all while keeping us all at the edge of our seats. So join Akua, Young Ajummah and Firnlambe as we discuss what we liked and disliked in our first week of Mask.

Akua: Heeey everybody! *waves* Woooohooo! We are in for (I hope) a treat with this one y’all! One of my personal faves Yun Jung Hoon is playing a major role in this drama and I am reeeeeady to watch the cray-cray fly! And boy, did it start to fly! Sooo first of all, that random baby deer in the middle of the road? I sincerely hope no animals were hurt in the making of this drama! I mean, I knew it was gonna be rough the minute they panned to an empty forest road with a random deer just strolling along like it’s all good. NO good can come from dark, forest roads where deer are just strolling. And sure enough, no good did! I’m telling you! Watch out for the deer!

Firnlambe: That whole scene drove me up a wall . . . BOTH times we were forced to watch it. Particularly the fact that our leading lady drove like 5 mph and then stopped driving altogether! //face palm//

Young Ajummah: They really didn’t want to waste any time with the action! Not that I’m complaining. Why didn’t she slam on those breaks and veer away from the trees and danger?

Akua: Riiiiight! Soooooo, the first time we saw it she was zooming like a mad woman and the second time? Uuuuh, what? *perplexed* Is this woman for real? She just witnessed a tragedy and herself may be a tragedy aaaand has been pulled into some kind of crazy switcheroo plan? I would be driving like a maaaaaaaaaaaniac! A maniac, you hear me?! Young, there are no explanations for the KDramaWay. We just become one with it. *big smile*

Young Ajummah: What a truly horrible way to go. The writers couldn’t have found an alternate way to “end” things?

Akua: That was a pretty intense opening scene! Screaming! Cords whipping about! Ocean waves crashing below! Handcuffs! Frantic phone calls! And then an unknown male voice who seemingly is masterminding the whole shebang. I mean, really, talk about heart-stopping action!

Firnlambe: Exactly . . . Though I did appreciate that they really got right into the meat of things right off the bat. It's always such a disappointment when they drag important details out. Plus with how intense things seem at times, I'm really glad how well they've blended in the comedy . . . . Like REALLY glad because i'm watching this drama coming off of Sensory couple, which was mainly comedy and fluff, with nice suspense thrown in for good measure.

Akua: Firnlambe, I haven’t seen Sensory yet. Did they not blend it well? Ooooh blend. Strawberry mango smoothie anyone?

Young Ajummah: I’ve seen Sensory and really liked it BUT I am all about that drama and mystery. Hopefully Mask will deliver. The beginning is making me very happy.

Firnlambe: OK it has to be said . . . Who else died laughing during the whole entire hotel scene?

Akua: The hotel scene was amusing! When Min Woo came out of the shower, slipped and fell, got his towel caught so that it opened up and ended up with Ji Sook laying on him? #done. But then she opened her eyes, looked up at him, looked at his chest and proceeded to give him the complete once over? Now you know, that was funny!

Young Ajummah: I wouldn’t mind ending up in that situation. *wink wink* But this scene definitely had me saying “oh Kdramas, really?” because the whole thing was ridiculous. How many times have you slipped coming out of the shower, fallen, and had your towel ripped off?

Firnlambe: Hahaha that and who tries to be shy around someone who clearly is passed out in front of the porcelain Gods. As much as I enjoyed that scene what I'm really looking forward to is learning more about our characters backgrounds. Why is Min Woo hallucinating the world has become infected . . . When will brother-in-law start developing real feelings for Ji Sook . . . all the threads our characters are hanging from are starting to get ridiculously knotted together //sigh// and it's only the first week.

Akua: I want to know if we will continue to see more OCD traits from Min Woo? He experiences hallucinations associated with compulsive responses aaaand apparently he may have done in his fiance? Is Min Woo really being drugged? Duuuude! And what is really going on between Min Suk and Mi Yeon? Just how unstable is Mi Yeon? She seems to be barely holding on! And what really went on between Min Suk and Eun Ha? What’s up with the step-mother and the father? Aaaaaaack! So many questions!

Ajummah: My question is what is the end game for this family? Why are they poisoning Min Woo? This family is all sorts of messed up!

Firnlambe: Oh that mother daughter duo just reeks of trouble! I'm placing bets on mother dearest being the one who altered the CCTV tapes.

Akua: But hold up - are you saying that Mi Yeon is the daughter of the step-mother???? *gasp*

Firnlambe: yes, yes I am . . . because Min Woo is the son of a mistress, not his father's wife.

Akua: Whaaaaaaaaaaat? So Min Suk is not blood related to Min Woo right? Min Suk is not related to anyone except by marriage through Mi Yeon who is Min Woo’s step sister?

Firnlambe: No worries, our leading men are not related by blood . . . they are only related by law.

Akua: Whew!!! I was about to say!!! I think we’re going to need a “who is connected to whom and how” infographic! I don’t know about that step-mother though. She seems cool but then you wonder because she keeps bringing up Min Woo’s mother. Is she just trying to aggravate him? Perhaps drown him while attempting to save him? I’m giving her the ultimate side eye right now.

Firnlambe: I have yet to see this woman play a mother I could trust--or even like for that matter . . . . I even tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. She almost made it, up until her snarky smirk during the CCTV viewing session that is.

Ajummah: My money is on the sister-in-law that deleted the tapes. She’s covering up something that she did. Either to Min Woo or to Eun Ha. I like her face but she is a devious somebody, just like her mother.

Akua: Hmm, I never thought about the sister-in-law being the guilty one. Man, this drama already has more twists and turns than some whole dramas. I am so very curious about Min Suk. He seems very controlled except when it comes to Eun Ha. Did you see how startled he became when he first laid eyes on Ji Sook?

Firnlambe: That caused some serious twisted SLS catalyst vibes for me. I can see it now . . . He makes this switch to save face and control the situation even more than he already does, only to honestly fall in love with the woman. Which, of course, will cause Evil Step-Sister to throw a hissy fit and start popping more drugs into everybody’s food and drinks.

Ajummah: This whole family is going to be hallucinating by next week. I am interested in seeing how Ji Sook handles taking over Eun Ha’s life. As well as how well she gives up her old one. I felt the tears coming on when she was watching her family grieve. I will definitely bring my tissues for next week’s episodes.

Akua: Hahahahaha, Ajummah! Yeeees! That’s hilarious. The whole family is going to be hallucinating something fierce! Who will be able to trust anyone about anything especially when Ji Sook shows up as Eun Ha? Because we all know that Ji Sook is very different from Eun Ha and when there will be all these double takes and weird vibes because people will be wondering why Eun Ha seems so off? And what will happen if Min Suk starts to love Ji Sook for who she really is?

Firnlambe: Few things. 1) I fully expect Min Suk to fall hardcore for Ji Sook once he really starts interacting with her. 2) I also fully expect there to be an intense crash course next week from Min Suk regarding how Ji Sook is supposed to “act” as Eun Ha. 3) As far as anyone knows Eun Ha didn’t suffer any major damage. Min Suk made sure to have everyone informed she was expected to make a full recovery--thus I expect, in the beginning at least, that everyone will be very forgiving of her new peculiar habits due to the assumption that it's only temporary.

Ajummah: This will definitely be an interesting drama. I sincerely hope that the writers keep this momentum going. I don’t want the drag in the middle of the series that tends to happen with some dramas. Oh and I wonder will we have a “second lead syndrome” happening with Min Suk.

Firnlambe: He is so clearly a SLS catalyst they can’t NOT make him second lead syndrome material lol. And even though it pains me to see and even encourage yet another evil SLS (I’m looking at you Murder Chef) I’ll be greatly disappointed in these writers if they don’t follow through with it. Mainly because it's great melodrama material.

Akua: Well, I already have a crush on Yun Jung Hoon from “Can Love Become Money” so I’m already knowing that I will have a serious crush on his character. Sigh! And he already looks like the cool, collected character who could crush someone just to protect his own. Maaaan!!! Sigh!

Firnlambe: So we’ve forgotten to really mention Ji Sook’s family crisis. How they’ve managed to hang on this long--to whatever thin life line those loan sharks have given them--is beyond me.

Akua: Oooooh yes! Let’s talk about how her father got their entire family into this mess! Even in the flashback to when Ji Sook got her first paycheck, the father was quick to accept the monies to go on a trip but the mother was wise because she knows her own husband! What a weak father! And the younger brother is going to get into some kind of trouble that will probably precipitate a crisis with Ji Sook and Min Suk or Min Woo!

Ajummah: Can I just say I loved Hoya when he was in Answer Me 1997. I don’t know how I feel about his character now, though. He’s trying to figure out a way to pay off his father’s debts but good grief is he going about it the wrong way.

FIrnlambe: Yeah deciding to “rob” a bank (and then dutifully answer your Noona’s phone call mid way) was probably not the best thing he could have done. Hopefully Ji Sook’s death will be a slap to his face and make him grow up. Now that she’s “gone” someone needs to stand up to the retro Honey Badger in her place . . . wait sorry he’s more of a sleaze ball in this gangster variation isn’t he. Anyway, this poor family definitely had a harsh wake up call thanks to Min Suk.

What did you think of this first week? Did the writers do a good job keeping you hanging between the suspense and humor? Did you feel like you understood everything? Maybe you also feel like the relationships in the drama deserve to have an infographic made just so you can keep everything straight. Be sure to comment below or hit up the official Mask Forum where you can meet your fellow fans, discuss how much you loved or hated this first week and toss around any possible theories you may have for what will go down next week.

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