Hello Doppelgangers! Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s episodes of “OMG is Ji Sook finally going to act like a boss” drama Mask. Did you stand up and applaud Ji Sook’s seamless portrayal of Eun Ha or did you coo and go aww with all the lovey dovey scenes between Min Woo and Ji Sook? Read on as Akua, Ajummah, and Firnlambe discuss!

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Akua: I like how Eun Ha is stepping into this new space! She is helping out the maid even while pretending to be on the evil step-mother's side and taking on a new project! She is telling Min Suk off!!! Yaaaaaaas hunty yaaaaaaaass!! And I think the staff at the office are simply hilarious as they fawn over her!!

Ajummah: I am finally happy with Ji Sook. She is getting into her role as Eun Ha, tying up loose ends with the loan sharks and showing her affection with Min Woo. I don’t think I’ve squealed that much with this drama before. I kept waiting for her to punch Min Suk in the face, or at least slap him but the fact that she told him “game over” was good enough for me.

Ji Hyuk is keeping his family safe and keeping Ji Sook up to date on things and even Mi Yeon is trying to keep the peace for her baby’s sake.

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Firnlambe: I was thoroughly impressed by Ji Sook’s commitment to learning all of Eun Ha’s family and friends. She pulled off knowing who was who at the birthday party flawlessly. Though I just about had a heart attack when they asked her to play the piano. I have no idea if they showed her playing in the beginning but if they did I totally forgot. Speaking of the birthday party . . . who else was extremely amused at the maid’s “single” tiered cake? I about died from all the sniggering I was making.

Ajummah: I loved it! I also like how Ji Sook is making sure to take care of everyone regardless of their stature. She got the massaging chairs for the workers and upgraded the meal plan for the kitchen staff. She even paid off the maid that was poisoning everyone’s debt.

Normally I think these would have been throwaway episodes but I was quite pleased. Min Suk is making mistakes at every turn. Why didn’t he know about the video camera? How could he let himself get pick-pocketed during the fire drill? How did he NOT see Mi Yeon pick up the watch?

Speaking of Mi Yeon, she’s pregnant now. How cute was she buying all the purses with her mom? I don’t like them but I giggled anyway. I really want Min Suk to love her but the last episode proved that he didn’t. I thought he was going to throw up when he was holding the baby clothes.

Akua: Okay, where did she get that cool skull USB?? And the video of Min Sook killing Jung Tae? Now that she started acting like Eun Ha, she has him SHOOK!! I love it!! Even to the point of getting her accounts open?? And even Min Woo is getting into the act? They are working as a team now!! Yes Ajummah, I squealed that Ji Sook helped all the sales staff?? She is so cute peeping around the corner as they ate! I love how Min Woo's Secretary is always trying to be helpful to Min Woo! Their moments of levity help break up the heaviness of the show. I also love seeing Ji Sook smiling, especially as she helps out her family! But guys, what is wrong with the loan shark? You know Min Suk is evil incarnate! Why would you make a pact with the devil?

Firnlambe: I know! So evil, but I would totally buy a USB like that. And while I’m enjoying that she’s spoiling her friends from the shadows Ji Sook really needs to be more careful around them. Mi Yeon though . . . I knew that girl was bound to be trouble right from the start. I want to be happy for her being pregnant, but I have a feeling since she’s now learned she really has committed murder, her pregnancy will be affected. She hasn’t even gone to the doctor’s yet, so part of me is convinced this is just her body tricking her into thinking she’s really pregnant.

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Ajummah: Could be. I’ve heard of phantom pregnancies but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in kdrama land. We’ll see. Now that she knows she killed the real Eun Ha, I think she might need to be the one who has to go to the psych ward for a while. Poor girl couldn’t even walk straight!

As happy as I was with that development, I don’t think this is going to bode well for Ji Sook. Min Woo is going to find out what is really going on and unless Ji Sook is the one who tells him, he’s going to be hurt. How many more episodes do we have left? It’s gotta be soon when he finds out, right?

Akua: Right, so Mi Yeon is dangerous because she's a spoiled brat madly in love with her lying, evil, adulterous husband. So she sits around torturing herself but i must say, Mi Yeon has the best fashion sense!! That lilac jumper and diamond dangling earring set!! Also, the ladies have best night gowns! And isn't it interesting to see how without the drugs, Min Woo's memory is returning? And we see that it was his sister who pushed Eun Ha??! Side note - this has nothing to do with anything but they love steak!!

Firnlambe: She does have awesome style doesn’t she: If only I had her stylist. I’m guessing though that we still have 3 more episodes until Min Woo finally discovers Eun Ha isn’t who she claims to be--after all we only have 8 episodes left. I’m hoping it will happen sooner rather than later, because the sooner that get’s revealed the sooner we can have an honest romance between the two of them. And that’s what all us Doppelgangers really want lol. Clearly they have great “chemi” (My Love from another star anyone?) together. Particularly if Min Woo’s breakdown after finally learning he has been drugged and Ji Sook’s consequential comfort session has anything to say about it.

Ajummah: YES! Great point Firnlambe. And can someone please explain to me why the doctor decided it would be better to speak in English for the first part of his “session” with Min Woo and Ji Sook? Then when the woman started to speak he switched over to Korean to translate. What was the whole point of that? Besides that weird part, my heart ached for Min Woo once the betrayal was pointed out. His own family is trying to set him up. I wanted to jump through the screen and give him a big hug (though he doesn’t like strangers touching him so maybe not). I don’t know how Min Suk is going to cover up his dealings with the quack doctor, now that said doctor is in jail. What exactly is keeping the doctor from spilling all the beans? What does Min Suk have on him? Maybe that question will be answered next week.

Akua: Ladies, our Ji Sook gets a huge hi-five and yaaaay from me for finding out about the drug and revealing the truth to him!!! Maybe now Min Woo can have some peace! It's amazing how loving she is with him! And on the flip side, Min Sook has NO selfie game! He looked like he was in pain the whole time they were taking the pictures.

I have to say I loved how Min Woo sang for Ji Sook! Did you get a look at Mi Yeon and Evil Step-mother? They look constipated. And Min Suk is is looking clumsy and defeated! Uhm, that red dress though! Go Ji Sook! Shine baby, shine!

Firnlambe: Those two can permanently stay stuck in constipated mode for all I care--mainly because those looks were priceless!

Akua: We finally see some emotion from Min Suk when he visits her memorial! But what will Mi Yeon do after seeing him? What will she think? And will her guilt make her more willing to believe all Min Sik's lies?

What are your thoughts? Will Ji Sook continue to own the role of Eun Ha or will Mi Suk find a way to knock her down? What do you think will happen next?Be sure to comment below or hit up the official Mask Forum where you can meet your fellow fans, discuss how much you loved or hated this week's episodes and toss around any possible theories you may have for what will go down next week. See you soon!