Well Doppelgangers, the moment we've all been preparing for has finally arrived. All the lies, no matter how adorable their results may be, will no longer be able to save our cast from the scornful truths that are about to be revealed. Join Akua, Ajummah and Firnlambe as we discuss episodes 13 and 14 of Mask and go over each and every crack that has started to develop in our OTP's relationship.

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Ajummah: What a tangled web we weave when we conspire to deceive. Well the web is definitely becoming unraveled, isn’t it

Akua: Indeed it is. Not only webs but people. Mi Yeon has definitely begun to unravel. I find it wild that now Min Suk looks sympathetic in comparison to Mi Yeon! I always knew she was a mess but these two episodes right here? *side eye* This chick right here is caaaaaraaaazzzy. She’s a live wire electrocuting everyone, including herself.

Firnlambe: Mi Yeon was not the main person I was expecting to hate in this series. I knew she would be trouble, but her determination to ruin Ji Sook was unexpected. 

Side note, I was so close with my guess of 3 episodes before Min Woo figured it all out lol //sigh// such a disappointment.

Akua: Wait, what’s such a disappointment?

Firnlambe: My prediction skills. Normally I'm pretty good at guessing the timeline for these type of plot developments. Clearly I'm either losing my touch or our K-writters are finally starting to mix things up lol

Akua: Got ya! I find it odd that Mi Yeon is fixating on only Ji Sook instead of both her and Min Suk, especially now that she knows the truth OR why she hasn’t thought of her own neck? After all, she’s guilty of murder. Destroying Ji Sook and Min Woo’s marriage won’t make her own better or conceal what she did. In fact, it would reveal it!! She’s not scared of that? Or maybe, like she’s shown in other episodes, she doesn’t think through her rage like her Boo

Ajummah: Mi Yeon is obsessed with Min Suk. She doesn’t want his attention on anyone but her. When she saw Ji Sook’s picture in his wallet, she lost it. All she wants is for him to be consumed by her. Which is crazy. She reminds me of what a sasaeng fan does with idols. They hurt their “loves” so that the idols can remember them. That is what she is doing. In the process she is going to hurt Min Woo and everyone else around her, but she doesn’t care. Or maybe she is so delusional that she can’t see that. I felt really bad for her when the doctor told her she had a false pregnancy. As a mom, I know how amazing it is to be a parent, and to have that taken away from you before you even have a chance to enjoy it, I guess that would push anyone over the edge.

Firnlambe: I'm cold and heartless apparently. I felt no sort of sympathy for Mi Yeon when she found out her pregnancy was fake. Now if she had actually been pregnant, not just showing symptoms of pregnancy, my heart would lurch for her. In regards to the picture Suk Hoon was carrying around . . . was anyone else caught off guard that it was of Ji Sook and not Eun Ha.

Akua: I had some sympathy at the beginning when it was obvious that she was in love with her two-timing husband. He was cold, cruel and conniving and I could understand why she would try to destroy Min Woo’s marriage. But after she found out that she had killed Eun Ha, I thought she would simmer down! But noooooo, she’s upped the crazy! And I have no sympathy for her AT ALL right now. And right when Ji Sook was going to tell Min Woo the truth she makes sure he sees the fingerprint report? How did she even get her mealy little hands on it anyway? And yeeeeeah, why was it Ji Sook’s picture and NOT Eun Ha?

Ajummah: Maybe that’s why Mi Yeon is going after Ji Sook. She believes that Min Suk is going to turn his attentions to Ji Sook and not her. So in Mi Yeon eyes, Ji Sook has to go. She can’t be happy so no one can.

It makes me truly dislike Mi Yeon. Min Woo hasn’t done anything to her (except be born) but she is on a one track to destroy him. Yes she had the fingerprint report. Did you see how she was smiling when she saw him reading it? It’s sad because Min Woo and Eun Ha/Ji Sook were sooo cute these past two episodes. Taking pictures of each other. Smiling and wearing couple sunglasses. Even when Min Woo was trying to get the butler and maid to take the couch out so Eun Ha HAD to sleep in the bed with him. Can I have a Min Woo? lol

Firnlambe: The adorable-ness was off the charts this week. I don’t care if Ji Sook is being forced to do it under these "lying" circumstances. All that will change next week and I'm not sure when the cuteness will come back . . and that makes me sad.

Akua: Ji Sook has finally fallen for the adorableness of Min Woo! AAAAACK! I SHIP THESE TWO! She’s so caring - rubbing sunscreen on his back (in a cute little heart), eating his horrible food, helping him face his mortal fear of water and agreeing to everything he says. After she gave her inspiring political speech for her dad and she thought that Min Suk had killed him, she even told him that she loved him! It’s so sweet to see the way she loves on him. Ajummah - who wouldn’t want a slightly awkward but adorably supportive Min Woo who stands up to everyone for her? Did you guys see how he told Mi Yeon off? “I’m like you when you first met Min Suk” YAAAAS HUNTY YAAAS!

Ajummah: Yes that did shut her up with the quickness. My heart is on the edge of breaking because now that the masks are gone, I know Min Woo is going to suffer from a mental breakdown. I think I’m going to suffer from a mental breakdown with these next episodes. Why in the world didn’t Ji Suk tell Mi Woo the truth when she had the chance? WAE? It makes me sad. I hope he finds it in his heart to forgive her. I hope he understands how she got roped into this.

Will he make her give back everything? Will he kick her out of the house? Divorce? Tell his family? These are the questions that are running through my head right now.

Akua: Ji Sook and Min Woo’s relationship the past two episodes has been everything it should be - from him wanting to get her “couple glasses” (so cute), to tearing up the contract, to printing out pictures of her at work, to asking the others to drive ahead; it’s all been so sweet. Min Woo is just sweet. Their relationship, though based on an initial lie is real and loving which is ironic given that Mi Yeon and Min Suk’s relationship, also based on a lie but more ‘legitimate’ is a hawt mess of a train wreck! We finally get to see a bit of Min Suk’s past when he goes to see his paralyzed father and it’s obvious now that he NEVER loved Mi Yeon. He always had in mind to destroy that family for what they did to his father. When he had his number one henchman investigate Mi Yeon, I knew it was on like popcorn! Now the two of them are playing a chess battle with one trying to outwit the other even to the point of using Ji Sook!

Firnlambe: To be honest I totally forgot about his father's background...or rather, I totally forgot that Suk Hoon even had a "tragic" reason for wanting to destroy the family from the start. I've been so caught up mentally preparing myself from the flames Ji Sook's lies are inevitably going to ignite now that they've been exposed that I the hospital scene with dad really caught me off guard.

Ajummah: I don’t think I ever caught what Min Woo’s family did to Min Suk’s. Did I just miss something? At any rate, even Min Suk’s father told him he wanted him to be happy and to forget the revenge. It must have been pretty awful if he tried to get the love of his life to marry Min Woo. I don’t think I would have been able to do something like that. What do you think next week will bring? Will Min Suk help Ji Sook, or will he just protect himself. I don’t think anyone will help Mi Yeoon if she get’s caught.

Akua: Ajummah, they never tell us what Min Woo’s family did to Min Suk’s family but whatever it was, must have been horrific. I think that Min Suk is a bit of a loose cannon right now. He showed emotion that we’ve never seen before at the pool side and he’s fighting his wife’s attempts to bring down Ji Sook by substituting the video of the pool during the campaign speech. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t expecting to find out that his wife, whom he thinks is annoying but relatively harmless, is now out for blood. He has to figure out a way to mitigate Mi Yeon’s spasmodic, irrational craziness otherwise his plans will fall apart. I don’t know if he can help Ji Sook out because only Min Woo and Mi Yeon know about the fingerprint revelation.

Firnlambe: The fingerprint revelation still bothers me actually. Mainly because I'm not sure how Mi Yeon was even able to secure those reports. I thought Min Woo had given them to Mr. Adorable Secretary. Yet once again, by some form of Joeson Black Magic, our protagonist is able to secure the vital information that they so desperately need.

Akua: Hahahaha! Yes, Joseon Black Magic to the rescue! What I see possibly happening is Min Woo asking Mr Adorable Secretary (who is too cute after sleeping on the same bed with Ms Housekeeper) what happened to the file and it being revealed that it got into Mi Yeon’s hands so then Min Woo ends up not believing the report! If only we could blame it all on the now deceased gangsters!! Sigh. Oh well, you can’t underestimate a guy like Min Suk and expect to live!

Firnlambe: I want to feel bad for the gangsters....honest I do, because no one deserves being buried alive. BUT! It really is their own fault they were even in the pit to begin with. If they hadn't been so greedy, and had left after Ji Sook had paid them, they could be happily terrorizing some other poor soul.

Ajummah: I don’t care about the gangsters, but something tells me they aren’t really dead. How can you bury a person alive? Isn’t there a way to crawl out of the dirt? I guess we’ll see if they make an appearance next week.

How will Min Woo react to this shocking news? Will the fact that his wife just might be the dead woman our staffing trio kept mentioning it to him Or maybe he plans on turning a blind eye to this matter entirely? Remember to hit up the official Mask Forum where you can meet your fellow Doppelgangers to discuss how much you loved or hated this week and toss around any possible theories you may have for what will go down next week.

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