Akua: Nothing prepared me for this week’s roller-coaster ride, ladies! Nothing! Blame other K-dramas, but I was expecting media scandals, threats yelled over breakfast steak, and maybe even a car accident or two, but this?? *applauds Mask writers* This was GOLDEN! What about you ladies? Where do we begin? What about Ajummah’s prediction that we hadn’t seen the last of the wig wearing gangsters? *hi-fives Ajummah*

Ajummah: Thanks! Honestly I was surprised I was right, lol. But what I didn’t suspect was that Min Sook and Mi Yeon would both be using those pesky gangsters. I really had a hard time this week with these episodes. Tears were flowing at every corner. I don’t want Ji Sook and Min Woo to get a divorce. I don’t want Min Woo to die. I think I felt terrible the entire time during episode 15. The end of episode 16 made me feel a bit better but with 4 episodes to go, who knows what’s going to happen. This could all be an elaborate dream that Ji Sook is having and when she wakes up, shoe could be back in Min Woo’s room with the divorce papers signed. ugh

Firnlambe: I agree. I wasn’t quite prepared enough for what was about to unfold when I started watching the episodes. I’m glad the gangsters are back, though I'm sad they are not on Ji Sook’s side. I know that, realistically, they were never going to be on her side--but a girl can dream.

Akua: I never anticipated that the gangsters would still be in the game this far along in the series, either Ajummah! But they are being used and using both Mi Yeon and Min Suk. I remember last week how I kept seeing the differences between our two couples - particularly how Ji Sook and Min Woo, even though their marriage was based on a lie, were living the truth of falling in love while Mi Yeon and Min Suk whose marriage was also based on a lie were living that lie! The contrast is heart-breaking for me watching it. Look at Min Woo jumping up on that stage just in time to save Ji Sook’s life and then Ji Sook worrying about him! *feels* But for Mi Yeon and Min Suk, it’s not even about how evil they are to other people but also how horrible they are to one another. They’re playing games with each other - using people’s lives!! And neither one of them is happy - just miserably wreaking havoc on everyone around them!

Ajummah: There were a few times where I thought that Mi Yeon was going to back off because the camera would pan to her, and she would be looking at Min Suk with such a look of disgust! Like she couldn’t believe what he was doing. Also, WTF Mi Yeon? How can you stay married to a man that is actively trying to kill your brother?!?! That isn’t love she has, that is a sick type of obsession and I cannot stand it. It’s rare when I agree with the evil mom in k-dramas but when she was beating on Mi Yeon after Ji Sook dropped the “I used to sleep with Min Suk” bombshell at the dinner table, I was applauding. If she knew how little Min Suk cared for her, why in the world is she wasting her time trying to destroy him. All she’s done so far is hurt herself and her brother.

Firnlambe: Mi Yeon is a peculiar character. Most of the time I can’t stand her, but then she shows how much she truly cares for Min Woo, and I start to feel bad for her. I really loved that she went toe to toe with Suk Hoon when she suspected he was the one who messed with the lighting rig AND when she was crying after Min Woo was shot.

Akua: Mi Yeon has serious issues ladies. Serious! She must be obsessed with him or maybe she’s so egotistical that the thought of a man of his socioeconomic status pursuing another woman was too much for her to handle! If she thinks that she’s all that and a bag of chips then the thought that a lowly lawyer would go after another woman in her same class could have grated on her nerves to the point that she couldn’t let it go. It was too much for her ego. Either way, she’s an absolute trainwreck. Maybe she didn’t push back later because she found out that Eun Ha wasn’t Eun Ha but Ji Sook and she didn’t feel as threatened by Ji Sook, only by the memory of what Eun Ha meant to her? Who knows...what a mess!

Ajummah: Sigh. And while that is going on, poor Min Woo. His life is in shambles. When he first put everything together and was stumbling around outside his office, my heart broke. He was finally happy with someone who he loved and truly loved him, and his blankity blank sister snatched all away from him. He even told Mi Yeon that he would have been happy as long as he didn’t know.

I’m glad he finally got his ish together and told Ji Sook that regardless of who she was, he loved her and wanted to be with her. And that kiss! I threw up my hands and squealed. That man knows how to give a kiss. No cold-dead eye fish looking kisses here! I hope that Ji Sook will stay by his side and tell him //EVERYTHING// about Min Suk. I was wondering why did she hold back and not tell Min Woo that she knew everything Min Suk was planning. What or who is she trying to protect? Min Woo can help stand again Min Suk if she tells him the whole truth.

Firnlambe: That was a great kiss wasn’t it? I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who squeeed when Min Woo confessed he didn’t care who she really was. Now that they’re together again I’m hoping they will be able to turn their lives around by working together. They can do so much more working as a team, than they could working separately.

Akua: Min Woo’s life was in shambles and I just didn’t know what to do with him! You know when someone you care about learns a painful truth or has to undergo a personally painful situation and you can’t make it better? All you can do is hold their hand, call them, try to be around and pray for them but your heart is breaking too? THAT’S how I felt watching episode 15. I just wanted his misery to end. It was too much to watch him falling apart! Min Woo is a genuinely sweet, thoughtful and caring man even though his family is disgustingly selfish, cold and cruel and all I want is the best for him. I was confused about her wanting a divorce when she knew that she was the only one who could protect him! Why leave him in such a vulnerable state? I don’t know if she was thinking that by leaving Min Suk wouldn’t have anyone to use to get to Min Woo and eventually help kill him, or what?

Ajummah: I think that was her reasoning. If she doesn’t stay with Min Woo, he’ll be safe but Min Suk DID tell her that no matter what he was going to kill Min Woo. So there wasn’t any reason, to me, that they should divorce. Also Min Suk’s mask has finally slipped off. He is giving no cares about pretenses and is just doing whatever he can to get rid of Min Woo and get his revenge. When he saw that the hunter wasn’t going to shoot Min Woo, he shot him! I know Mi Yeon saw that but what is she going to do with that information? She was crying and apologizing to Min Woo but all of that and a can of soup isn’t going to get anyone far, if that’s all she does.

Firnlambe: I think her crying session will be “that” moment for Mi Yeon. She may be a bitch, but she’s made it clear that she won’t stand for Suk Hoon messing with her family. I’m guessing she’s going to do her best behind the scenes to do whatever she can to foil his plans.

Akua: As far as that kiss was concerned!!!! *omo omo omooooo* That kiss was everything! *brief pause for the amazing kiss*. And boy oh boy am I glad he opened up to her about his feelings so that she could open to him! Her martyrdom wouldn’t have ended if he hadn’t spoken up. Min Woo has always been like that - very transparent and trusting like Ji Sook said! I loved the counseling sessions where all they could talk about was how wonderful the other one was! And the scene at the restaurant? *The Feels*!!! Those two are so much in love that it was painful to see them apart! As far as Min Suk is concerned - he’s slipping and sliding all over the place. He’s getting desperate; unable to control himself or the game now that he’s no longer the only player in the game!

Ajummah: We’ll have to see what the next week is going to bring us. Now that they’ve admitted their feelings to each other, they can be a united front. And if that happens, Mi Yeon and Min Suk better watch out because I know Min Woo will be out for blood. You tried to take the love of his life away from him? Oh no, he is NOT going to stand for that!

On a random thought though, now that the key players know that Ji Sook is not Eun Ha, what’s going to happen? Director Choi knows that his daughter killed Eun Ha, yet he isn’t saying anything to anyone about it. My didn’t he tell Eun Ha’s father when he came to the ceremony to threaten him? What will happen to Ji Sook’s mother and father when they find out she really is alive? Did Ji Sook’s mother magically recover? I haven’t heard anything about her liver cancer or whatever it was she had.

Akua: What about Min Suk setting Ji Sook up for fraud and embezzlement? He’s trying to tie her and her money up so that he can keep it all for himself but I have a feeling it won’t go far. Once Min Woo gets wind of this case, he’s not going to take it lightly. And I have a sneaking suspicion that our Min Woo is not one to be trifled with in regard to Ji Sook. Other than his mother, she’s the only person he’s ever loved and unlike his mother, loving her makes him stronger so now that he’s secure in their love, I have a feeling we’re going to see a very forceful, powerful side of Min Woo if anything or anyone threatens Ji Sook.

Chairman Choi is only concerned with his business. If any scandal comes out, everything he’s worked for the past 50 years to achieve will crumble around him. He can’t let that happen. There is no way he will let anyone or anything adversely affect his empire. It’s his life. It’s everything that he’s done. He will protect it with anything or anyone. He knows she’s not Eun Ha but he won’t do anything about it so as not to risk exposure of the tragic misdeeds going on in his family. I wonder about the deal with soon to be President? What dark secrets do they both share that neither one of them can break the contract? Or is it the selfish desires of both men to protect their life’s dreams that fuels them?

Firnlambe: Are we sure he really knows? He saw that she fell into the water and that Mi Yeon walked away, but that’s all. Yes the letter stated she was a murderer but that sort of contradicts what he knows to have taken place after the missing video. There is no viable proof that Eun Ha "died" for him to believe that Ji Sook is a fake.

Ajummah: That is true, I guess. I just want Min Suk to get what’s coming to him. Also, did you notice that the writers completely dropped the storyline of “who killed Min Woo’s mother”? Remember in Min Woo’s secret room, he had all this evidence that his mom was being pursued by someone which is why they were running when she drowned trying to save him. Nothing has been said about that since the prosecutor’s office came and took everything. I wonder if they will revisit this or just let it go? With only 4 episodes left, there is a lot of ground to cover if we are to get a happy ending.

Akua: Good point Firnlambe. We don’t know if Papa has grasped the seriousness of the situation but he’s scared, that much we do know. The question is what is he scared of if he doesn’t think that his daughter killed the woman who was supposed to marry his son? Is he just scared of scandal? And as far as Min Woo’s mom, I want to hear what happened! After all, that’s where all of Min Woo’s “eccentricities” began, right? He’s still socially awkward with odd mannerisms but he’s much more normal now. I’m glad they haven’t made him into something he’s not but showed progress! He’s too loveable! Sigh...

Firnlambe: I hope they revisit that plot point too, but if I’m honest with myself--I’m pretty certain they will just let it go. I can’t see how they would be able to revisit that point now that we are so committed to people finding out that Eun Ha isn’t really Eun Ha.

Akua: Speaking of Eun Ha — how slick was Ji Sook to announce that Min Suk would be donating half of his shares? Did you see the look on his face? HAHAHA! Priceless!

Firnlambe: YES! I loved that Ji Sook took to utilizing everything she had available via Eun Ha. I was also particularly proud when she had dad come in and stop Min Woo from being named the next successor.

Akua: Our Ji Sook found her backbone and it is solid to its core! *big smiles all around*! And we have three couples now! Woohoo for the secretary and his new boo! I can promise you one thing, this series has not run to use all the  normal KDrama twists and turns. All bets are off for the next episodes. I don’t know what is going to happen and I’m pretty happy about that!

Well, what a week Doppelgangers! As usual, we would love to hear your thoughts! How crazy is Mi Yeon? Was Ji Sook right to ask for a divorce under the grounds of her "relationship" with Min Suk? Are Ji Sook and Min Woo going to team up to topple Min Suk on his upward quest to total domination? Why is the step-mother so mean, always yelling? Drop your thoughts here and in the Mask forums!

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