Doppelgangers, this house of cards has finally tumbled down. People are dying, houses are burning, and everyone is drowning in a sea of lies and delusion. How many boxes of tissues did you go through while watching Mask this week? Join Akua, Ajummah and Firnlambe as we discuss episodes 17 and 18 and remind Ji Sook how to stop, drop and roll.

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Firnlambe: OMG first things first dear Doppelgangers . . . . Yours truly has a friendly Kdrama PSA for you. ahem WINDOWS = FRAGILE AND BREAKABLE!!!! If (heaven forbid) you ever find yourself at the top of a two story building surrounded by fire with no viable doors to exit through but a large glass window behind your bed--please . . . Pick up the nearest tossable item . . . . and SMASH the damn thing. Do not--under any circumstances--pull a Ji Sook and try to smother the flame with your down comforter. It won’t end well.

Akua: And or attempt to open the door using the extremely hot door handle! I mean that’s like Fire Safety 101 when we were back in elementary school! But just to give the benefit of a doubt, it’s quite possible that Ji Sook, having woken up from a drugged stupor (unable to process her whereabouts) and unaware of her surroundings groggily thought only of the door and wasn’t aware that there was a huge bay window by the bed.

Ajummah: I have so much fussing to do over that but before that, I was an absolute mess during episode 17. I will never forgive Mi Yeon for interfering with Ji Hyuk trying to save his mom. My father passed away from liver failure a few years ago so this scene hit me hard and deep. I’m still tearing up over it. I thought that Mi Yeon would snap out of her delusions once she SAW Min Suk shoot her brother but it seems like she’s fallen deeper down that rabbit hole with no hope of return.

Firnlambe: I’ll be honest--I wasn’t expecting such a tragic end for mom. Mi Yeon needs a good beating. I can’t decide which evil I hate more. Mi Yeon or Suk Hoon. ponders Probably Suk Hoon because I can’t figure out his emotions. I can’t understand why he was taking the rap for Mi Yeon at times.

Akua: First of all, they WENT there. What? I sat there looking at the screen saying “omo omo omo, did they just kill Mom? DID they just kill Mom? I KNOW THEY DIDN’T JUST KILL MOM!!” I was not ready ladies. I WAS NOT ready. And when Mom gets to heaven, Ji Sook won’t be there! I just kept thinking, well that’ll be disappointing! I dislike Mi Yeon more because she is selfish but also wants to be pitied. Min Suk is just evil. He knows he’s evil. He accepts. Boom, keep it moving. But Mi Yeon wants to give excuses for herself - girl, your HubBoo tried to kill your brother AND murder your sister-in-law and you cool with this? She has no self-control, no thought about the effects of her actions on anyone and then whines about how she didn’t mean to cause x, y and z. Girl BYE!

Ajummah: I’m definitely hating Mi Yeon. Min Suk is doing all of this because of revenge. I’m still not sure what Chairman Choi did to his family but we know it was bad enough that his father is now paralyzed. Mi Yeon...yes she loves her husband. I get that. I love my husband too. That doesn’t mean I’m going to murder anyone for him. I really thought she was going to change her ways this week but it seems like she is DETERMINED to ruin Ji Sook’s life simply because she found her photo in Min Suk’s wallet. By the way did anyone else find it odd that Min Suk had such a hard time ripping up Ji Sook’s picture? Does he really have a thing for her? Or is it just because she looks so much like Eun Ha?

Firnlambe: That’s another thing! I can’t figure that out either. I think he may have developed some twisted feelings for her based off the fact she looks like Eun Ha--and who knows--maybe they developed into something more, but they’d be twisted feelings no matter what. He clearly doesn’t care if she dies in the fire, so I’m going to assume he was just infatuated with her.

Akua: There’s always a hint of something more there with Min Suk. I keep thinking it’s a plot arc that the writers should have played with a bit more. It would have been a lovely twist to see Min Suk wrestle more openly with some type of affection with Ji Sook. I would have liked to see him suffer a bit more as he finds a growing love for her that makes him mess up.

Ajummah: Those had to have been the worst sleeping pills ever. The sound of a lightbulb exploding woke up Ji Sook! I mean I’m glad it did but good grief! I’ve had to take Advil PM before and it knocks me out! I thought for sure she was a goner because Min Suk’s creepy assistant looked like he had the STRONG stuff.

Random thought: Where in the world did Mi Yeon go when she ran out of the house? How much time passed between her leaving and the fire starting? It seemed like hours. So where in the world did she go?

Akua: Can I just say that Mr Creepy Assistant needs a few moments of flashback. I need to know why he never talks and how he can be so evil? What is prompting his all consuming devotion to do the dirty work for Min Suk?

Firnlambe: Well to be fair, they never used sleeping pills. Just a bit of some sort of liquid to line her glass and then not even a lot on top of that . . . he only lightly lined the rim of the glass. I have no idea where Mi Yeon ran off to, but wherever it was she had to book it just to get there. Seriously that girl can run. I’m looking forward to seeing what the real time frame is between Ji Sook burning and Min Woo swimming. You know the scenes had to not be happening at the same time.

Ajummah: True. And hand claps for Min Woo jumping into the water to try and save Ji Sook. I’m not sure if he really knows how to swim or if he’s just doing the doggy paddle. Hopefully he’ll get there in time and save her. I don’t know how Mi Yeon will explain not helping this time, but we’ll see.

And gosh darn it! Min Suk looked so HOT setting the house on fire. I had to shout out, “Go ‘head Mr. Prosecutor”, lol. He does the evil role so well! I know I shouldn’t root for him but I had to a little bit.

Akua: The FEELS I had when Min Woo jumped into the water! I felt it deep in my heart y’all. Deeeep. Given how happy he was to finally be able to meet Ji Sook’s family (“brother-in-law” awww) and buy all those gifts, I was just so happy for him. And then after getting to meet his in-laws he has to bury his mother-in-law?? THEN, confront his crazy sister who says that no her evil husband didn’t try to kill him? Now he finds himself in a boat, going crazy because his one and only love is trapped in a burning house!! It was so moving to see him doing and going through all of this just to wake up from a blow to head, floating in the middle of a lake! How scared he must have been! I felt so bad for him and it hurt to see him struggling in the water. I could just feel the desperation in him as he was jumping around on the boat and then thrashing around in the water.

Also why is Mi Yeon snooping around their bedroom? Isn’t it enough that she’s the reason Ji Sook’s mom died? What more DOES this witch want? She completely misconstrued the letter and is happy watching her sister-in-law burn. Uuuhm, girl, you might as well have just let Ji Sook fall into the water.!

Firnlambe: Suk Hoon did look quite dashing didn’t he . . . Though personally I noticed it the most when he brought Ji Sook’s unconscious body to the Bedroom of Unbreakable Glass. Mi Yeon will have no excuse this time, at least not after it is noticed the note has gone missing. Speaking of the note, I was disappointed in Ji Sook for believing Suk Hoon would hold up his end of the deal and give her a new identity. How that woman can even MAYBE trust him still is beyond me.

Akua: Firnlambe, yes, Min Suk looked very handsome when he picked her up. Was it just me or was there a certain gentleness as he leaned over to lift her to take her to the bedroom? And then when he almost touched her face but stopped? Was it because he was saying goodbye to all the carefully wrought dreams that he had? I don’t know. All I know is that there was something tender about that moment that made me wish Min Suk hadn’t gone down the path of “All Day Evil, Every Day”. SMH. He and his wife truly deserve one another! And I hope they go down in flames!

ep18 Fire.gif

Ajummah: Hot or not (lol) it is going to be damn interesting how Min Suk is going to explain everything next week. I can’t wait for the last two episodes!

Well, what a hot week of episodes, right? As usual, we would love to hear your thoughts! How will Ji Sook get out of the raging inferno? Will Min Suk be able to explain everything away as usual? Will Mi Yeon finally wake up and realize how psycho she is? Drop your thoughts here and in the Mask Forum!

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