It is time Doppelgangers . . . Time to wrap up all of the loose threads that we, as viewers, have begun collecting over the course of time. Just who will secure themselves a happy ending? Does Suk Hoon finally get what he deserves? Can Min Woo reach Ji Sook before she is finally consumed by the flames, or will there be yet another death surrounding this poor family? Join Akua, Ajummah and Firnlambe as we go over things with a fine tooth comb in this, our final week of Mask.

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Akua: I don’t even know where to start ladies . . . . .

Firnlambe: Neither do I . . . There is so much that needs to be covered.

Ajummah: I do. Min Suk is completely insane. I’ve lost count of how many people he’s killed, hurt, blackmailed to get his so called revenge. Yes his family suffered a lot but I don’t understand why he thought marrying into the family and doing everything he can to destroy it would work. Hasn’t he seen dramas?!?! (lol) I wish they made Min Suk a bit smarter in that regard but I guess that’s dramas for you.

Was anyone surprised with the way things ended?

Firnlambe: ME! I totally was not prepared for the events that took place this last week. I have no idea what I was expecting to see, but I was not prepared for the roller-coaster the writers took us on. Particularly when it came to Mi Yeon and Suk Hoon’s story.

Akua: Min Suk was driven by a false sense of vengeance; in everything he felt that he had to hold true to this childhood promise that he made. I can understand wanting revenge but this? This was sheer madness. And Mi Yeon was right when she said that he was not the kind of guy to kneel down or stop - he has too much pride to do that. As long as he had this mission in mind, he could only focus on all that he had done. It would have felt like a waste to him. There are many people like that in this world. What surprised me THE MOST is that he felt any grief at Mi Yeon’s death! After all that he put her through, I would have thought that he would have skipped merrily along into the next phase of his vengeance plan!

Ajummah: agreed, Akua. When he told Mi Yeon he never loved her, I started singing “Cold Blooded” because she even told him to lie to her about it and he refused. Then when he read her letter to him, he started crying. I was shocked beyond reason about Mi Yeon killing herself. I thought maybe she’d show up at the airport anyway to get on the plane. When Min Suk said he never loved her, I thought she’d snap and try to kill him. Or at the very least call the cops so they could arrest him. But throwing herself off of a cliff?? Wow.

At the funeral when he started tearing up, I got choked up too. As crazy and delusional Mi Yeon was, she really loved Min Suk and just wanted his love in return. I felt sorry for her. And I felt a tiny bit bad for all the not so nice things I yelled at her during this series.

When Min Suk told the cop he was going to be seeing Mi Yeon soon, I snorted. I didn’t take him to be the type who committed suicide.

Akua: Mi Yeon - I thought she was made of sterner stuff but what I realized is that she was only made of Min Suk stuff. Even Min Woo recognized it when he said, “You saved Ji Sook. You’re a good woman, noona, it’s just that you did all of these things for Min Suk”. She was in love with him to the point of obsession - to the point of giving her entire self, will, personality and moral compass just so that he would love her. If she was willing to do as much as she did for just a lie then imagine what she would have done if Min Suk had shown some real affection? She lived her entire life for him so when he left, what reason did she have to live? If you look at it that way, her death though tragic falls in line with the faulty logic that ruled her world.

Ajummah: At least there’s a happy ending with Ji Sook and Mi Woo. Though weird that they named their daughter Min Sook. Why did they do that?

Firnlambe: Because teeeeeeeeechnically bad Min Suk's name was Suk Hoon. So I can see how they wouldn't feel any remorse at making their ADORABLE daughter have a similar name. I absolutely loved how they showed Ji Sook and Min Woo having a family. The writers made it totally believable that they were at the epitome of happiness at the end.

Akua: I think it was because they set up Ji Sook and Min Woo’s relationships very well through the entire series. We could see the gradual change in their emotions to one another and how those changes affected their decisions - just like in real life. We could believe that their love was flourishing because we could see it being played out. In the same way we got to learn about Mi Yeon and Min Suk - how their warped senses of loyalty led to their horrid actions.

At the end of the day, both of them were loyal - one to a convoluted and perverted sense of justice and the other to a false sense of love. Even Mi Yeon said it when she said, “I covered my eyes and ears all these years. I made you like this.” WOW! That right there was some deep insight. I had to stop and think -- if Mi Yeon had never permitted Min Suk’s madness from the get-go, would it have gotten this far? The acting in this drama - by EVERY ONE was superb as was the dialogue and plot lines.

Ajummah: Yes this is one of the more well played out dramas I’ve seen this year. I guess I’m still in shock about Mi Yeon. I giggled a bit when the police came to arrest the loan sharks. Why didn’t they run, lol? They were so hell-bent on taking all that cash with them. You would think that since they are loan sharks, they would have had a better system of stashing their money in case they ever had to leave quickly.

Ji Sook did really well confessing everything that happened and owning up to the illegal parts that she did as well. I wonder how long she had to stay in jail? Their daughter looked to be about 2 or 3 years old, right? So maybe a year? I’m glad Min Woo waited for her while she served her time.

Firnlambe: Well the birthday party they had after she was released, said it was 4 years later, and since I didn't see a baby Min Sook at that event I'm lead to believe that they had another flash forward after that scene without announcing it to us as viewers.

Personally I absolutely loved how they took Suk Hoon down at the press conference, it's by far my favorite scene with "strong Ji Sook".

Ajummah: agreed! I’m in LA for KCon (and so I, Firnlambe, am jealous) right now and my uncle started watching the last episode with me. He said he wished he could see the whole series now because that scene was so good! I might have created another drama lover thanks to Ji Sook.

At any rate, I think everything that needed to happen in this drama, did happen. It ended the way I needed it to, so I’m pleased overall. What about you ladies? Anything happen or didn’t happen that you wanted?

Akua: So first of all, Min Sook is ADORABLE! They would have an adorable child too! I did think it was crazy that the gangsters didn’t put their money away. And did Min Suk mean that he would kill himself? It was weird to see such a calm Min Suk!

Firnlambe: We will never know for sure if Suk Hoon really killed himself, but that is how I personally interpreted his words. His sudden epiphany about his real feelings towards Mi Yeon gave me whiplash. I was not expecting that at all . . . . I wanted to stay angry at him dammit! Not have pangs of sympathy and/or pity.

Akua: Okay, I do like how Min Woo has found his strength to talk to his father about what he will do for his family! I love how he has found an internal strength to be himself and not seek so much approval from his father! Min Woo had become a man! And I am glad that the step-mom is going to finally get a life and do her thing! Will we ever know what happened to Min Suk’s bodyguard? Oh well. I wish we had some backdrop on him . . .

Firnlambe: So, final thoughts on this drama my fellow Doppelgangers? Personally I ended up loving the show much more than I had anticipated. The character development, from the main cast--down to the secondary characters--was written superbly. I was emotionally invested in them . . . from hating the characters when they wanted me to, all the way to squeeing like a crazed lunatic whenever our main couple did anything sweet towards each other, just like the writers wanted.

I definitely will be recommending the drama to others.

Akua: Overall, this was a lovely show. Like you, I enjoyed this show thoroughly. The acting was on point - in fact I never felt that the characters were anybody else but their characters. I would go out on a limb and say that this was the best Kdrama I have ever watched. The plot was intriguing, the pace was on point and the acting excellent - from the primary characters to even the tertiary ones. I mean, I even wanted to know all the stories behind all the characters! That’s when you know it’s a good drama. What can I say? My emotions were caught up in the show and yeah, when the characters were doing their thing I was just as shocked/upset as the writers wanted me to! All in all, this was superb! Thank you Writers!!!

//tosses confetti// Happy endings for all!!!--well--almost . . . . . How did you feel about the ending dear doppelgangers? Did Mi Yeon's death catch you off guard? Maybe you were just as surprised as we were by Suk Hoon's sudden change of heart.Hit up the official Mask Forum where you can meet your fellow drama fans and discuss how much you loved or hated the show. Also, be sure to follow Akua over at the The Time I Loved You Drama Club and Ajummah over at the Oh My Ghostess. Unfortunately yours truly, Firnlambe, shall be on a hiatus, for now--though I'm sure you'll see me pop up on random Movie Clubs and a future Drama Club Soon. Us here at the Drama Club will miss this show. We'll see you at the next club.

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