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Akua: You know at first I thought that Ji Sook was going to have some kind of an ally in Min Suk but ooooeee, that is one BAD man! And I don’t mean ‘bad’ in a good way. Geesh! What did you ladies think? He’s acting like a real devil right now. Going so far as to nearly strangle Ji Sook? Leaving a sketchy scary bodyguard who looks like he’s a mass murderer around to keep tabs on her? *shudder*.

Firnlambe: Yeah, Min Suk never gave me the ally vibe….which is not to be confused with the SLS vibes he gives off from time to time….but this really did put emphasis on how his character feels about the situation. He obviously will do anything to make this switch work. I mean he even took Eun Ha off of life support, then hid her under the hospital bed after she died. This man is committed to making this switch work. I just wish he would drop his poker face so I’d know the real reason as to why he’s doing what he’s doing. At this point I can’t see a legitimate reason for him to make the switch.

Akua: He’s trying to overthrow Min Woo’s dominance in the family by making him think he’s crazy so that he can then step right in and take control over the family purse strings. His whole schpiel about the rich and powerful being the ones who are heard while the poor are guilty plus how the powerful sing songs while the powerless only scream??? That speaks to major insecurities and self-esteem issues! He is calculated and methodical in everything that he does -- even when he’s lying to his wife! He stands in the bathroom with the water running while listening to his wife check up on his alibi! Did you see that evil grin that he had? How effortlessly he lies? This man is truly sick.

Ajummah: He is sick. And crazy. Threatening Ji Sook’s family every five seconds in order to get her to play along. Brava to her for finally sticking up for herself too, by the way. But what I’m wondering now is if Min Suk is doing all that he can to secure his spot as head of the family, or whatever he’s doing, shouldn’t he talk to his wife about all of this? I know she’s the one spiking everyone’s drinks with crazy pills. If Min Suk let’s her in on what he’s done, then maybe she’ll forgive his cheating ways and work with him to overthrow Min Woo’s dominance. Also I did squeal a bit for realizing Min Suk played the Vampire Prosecutor, lol


Firnlambe: lol few things. 1) I loved the inside joke the writers placed into the show that was in reference to Vampire Prosecutor...whenever they pay homage to an actor/actress’ past works it just makes me smile. 2) I’m not so sure Min Suk fully trusts his wife, clearly he knows she’s a jealous woman. He spectacularly covered his tracks when he went out late at night. BUT I don’t believe that alone will make him find sanctuary in the family’s Drug Lord.

Akua: If we’re talking about squealing, Ajummah - I loved him from “Can Love Become Money”. He plays the cool, calm, menacing, secretly passionate role quite well! I think his words to Ji Sook were telling “We’re living in hell right now.” He’s more open with his maliciousness with Ji Sook and in doing so, he’s also more open to her in general. He wears the sweet, trusting husband mask quite well but when he takes it off with Ji Sook, he is one scary Chaebol!!! His wife is herself neurotic and doesn’t completely trust her own instincts which tell her that her boo is a liar and a cheat! So she just twitches and drinks wine while dropping insinuations. I kind of feel sorry for her. She knows something isn’t right but can’t quite figure it out!

Ajummah:I I think she knows. Why else is she so jealous? In episode 1, she looked back at Eun Ha, when Eun Ha was doing the lovey dovey stare at Min Suk. She knows. I don’t think she would hate Eun Ha for no reason. Plus what’s her endgame? Her step-father isn’t looking at her to be the head of the family, right? Is all this purely to mess with her step-brother?

Akua: Ajummah, I think that we have a lot of bad blood in this family! We know that Min Woo’s mother was the mistress but we don’t know if she was the mistress to the step-father’s original wife or the current step-mother. It’s possible that Mi Yeon is acting this way because she’s upset and jealous about Min Woo’s position when he’s not really “blood”. Teeheehee

Firnlambe: I never got the vibe that the current wife was a “step-mother”...did I miss something? I agree though that Mi Yeon is just acting like a spoiled little rich girl, which clearly she is. I never understood the mentality about who is “blood” and who’s not. Shouldn’t Min Woo still count towards the “blood” faction? Teeeeeechnically he is. It’s not like he was adopted.

Ajummah: Yes current wife is step-mother. At least to Min Woo. I don’t know if his mother was a mistress or first wife but yeah. Also, what is her part in all of this? It seems like she’s been conspiring with Mi Yeon. Everyone’s a suspect!!! Again, I need to say that I am pleased that Ji Sook...excuse me Eun Ha is sticking up for herself. Did you see when she slapped Min Suk? I applauded.

Akua: Firnlambe, not if Min Woo’s mother wasn’t the wife but the mistress. If she’s the mistress then she can’t get into the family lineage and Min Woo can’t get family rights.

Firnlambe: //sigh// Damn Chaebols and their silly family rules...they make things so confusing for the rest of us.

Akua: The step-mother and Mi Yeon are so evil to Ji Sook! I have to admit that I started to get exasperated in episode 3 with all the attack against Ji Sook. She has nowhere to turn to for help. She’s gone from the frying pan into the fire! Min Suk is using her family’s debt/well-being over her head, Min Woo keeps telling her he’s going to kill her, Mi Yeon keeps attacking her integrity and memory loss, the step-mother makes sly comments about her lack of money and power, the father is a clueless dictator and her parents are never around. No wonder Eun Ha was such a...ahem...wench!

Ajummah: That’s the best way to put it! A wench. Meanwhile Ji Sook’s family is going through such a terrible time right now. Was I the only one sobbing during the marriage/cremation scene? I felt so bad for them! The hits just kept on coming, especially when the loan sharks took the condolence money from them and they hadn’t even put the body in the hearse, yet! *shakes fist* Then Ji Sook’s mom wants to pull a disappearing act...I don’t think my heart could have taken much more sadness.

Firnlambe: I have to admit. I’m getting really tired of Ji Sook not fully grasping her current situation at times. Yes I know she’s regretting her choices…yes I know she is concerned about her family’s well being….but as it’s been mentioned in the forums--the best thing she can do for her family at this point is to just own her new life. If she could just control things from behind of the mask of Eun Ha’s name, she would be able to do so much more for her family. I hope that with the whole mother incident, she’ll finally start to stand up for herself. I mean, as Ajummah said already, she’s slapped Min Suk which is a step in the right direction. Plus then she left him on the side of the road after the car chase--granted she dialed 119, but that’s besides the point lol

Akua: Firnlambe, I found myself upset with Ji Sook too. I need her to pause, breath, take several seats to the left and BE Eun Ha! She could accomplish so much more if she just stepped up to the plate and starting acting like this woman whose identity she’s taken over. Then again, we have to look at Ji Sook’s personality. She’s kind, compassionate, caring about others and easily stressed - constantly anxious about her job, her brother’s penchant for wild stupidity, her father’s spendthrift ways and her mother’s miserliness. She’s not the kind of person who would easily fall into the role of a powerful, controlling, cold chaebol daughter! So it’s gonna take some time and some craziness like her mother’s disappearing to get her mind right. I’m curious to see how she and Min Woo will relate now that he’s witnessed this reunion with her mom?

Ajummah: Good point Akua. I kept saying to myself as Ji Sook sat crying over her mom, what are you doing? I mean I’m happy you found you’re mom but Min Woo is right there!!! Ugh… though I think mayhap he is getting compassionate towards her? Or at the very least he doesn’t think she’s the evil wench she started out to be. He did save her from being crushed to death by Min Suk’s minion. Why did he freak out afterwards though? What is his problem with dirt? I think the next few episodes, we’ll see Ji Sook getting into the role of of Eun Ha. She’ll have to start getting comfortable wearing her mask. I loved that quote that Eun Ha had in her yearbook. One cannot be truly happy while wearing a mask. Ji Sook twisted it around at the engagement party and told the family she’d enter the marriage while truly loving Min Sook. Everyone was shocked.

Firnlambe: Oh the crying over mom scene---I had the Heirs “Love is the moment” song playing in my mind while watching that. That was obviously intended to be Min Woo’s “hmmm I believe I may have feelings for this woman...though I’ll never realize it until later” scene. I really am looking forward to seeing this relationship grow, though I’m not looking forward to when Eun Ha is revealed to actually be Ji Sook. I can already tell that will be a heart wrenching scene sigh

Akua: Firnlambe - stop! Hahahaha! What I want to know is why I can still sing the “Love Is The Moooooooooooment” chorus 1001 days after Heirs ended? Now THAT show had me in constant “feels”. Ugh! I’m telling you, I was always sad after watching an episode. ALWAYS. Sigh. But Ajummah you made a good point about Min Woo saving Ji Sook from the crazy bodyguard/henchman trying to run her over. Min Woo has these moments of caring -- when he took Ji Sook to the hotell thinking it was Eun Ha or when he was going to cover Ji Sook with the blanket but seeing her crying, he decided to leave his handkerchief? In my opinion, Min Woo is a loving, kind man who ended up in a messed up Chaebol family that bribes a psychiatrist to manipulate and worsen his condition! As a psychiatrist myself, I am all kinds of ready to have him in a court of law facing a life-term imprisonment without parole in a maximum security prison!!

Ajummah: I was shocked when I realized the psychiatrist was in on it. I was hoping that the k-drama gods would let that man be! *sigh* But I really shouldn’t be surprised. Who knows what he’s giving Min Woo in those pills. Maybe Ji Sook can find away to stop all of this once she gets into the role of Eun Ha. I wonder how she’ll handle being in the department store? The first time she was in there as Eun Ha...it was laughable.

Akua: I think our Ji Sook is made of sterner stuff than she’s showing us right now. Even when she was in the department store, she braved through it and made the V.I.P feel wonderful. Those aren’t the actions of a weak woman. Like I said, I may have been annoyed but again, in the past 2-3 weeks she’s been humiliated by old classmates, lost and gained a huge amount of money, witnessed a man being brutally beaten to death, his resurrection, gone over a cliff, been given the craziest do-or-die proposal ever, seen her doppelganger dead, lost her entire family, got married to a raving lunatic, nearly strangled by another lunatic and daily insulted by other lunatics. I don’t know about you but I might be a tad off myself! Hehehehe.

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