Ok Doppelgangers, has everyone started to get just as frustrated with these characters as we are here in the Drama Club? Were you ok with everyone until this past week? or have you been pulling out chunks of hair and teeth whenever you get the chance? Join Akua, Ajummah, and Firnlambe as we vent to our hearts content over our 4th week of Mask.

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Akua: Hahahahahaha! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS! Yes, I am soooooo about to pull out somebody else’s hair! First off, let’s start with our protagonist Ji Sook. Now I know I said we should cut her some slack to give her time to adjust to her new, toxic, frightening environment however, I really need her to GET IT TOGETHER. Whaaaaaaaat is she doing right now? Pushing away Min Woo’s sweet, gentle, loving attempts to take care of her; constantly going over to her family’s house, showing up where the loan sharks are, running scared from Kim Jung Tae??!! What? Is she totally spineless and stupid? Woman, if you don’t put on your big girl lace panties!!! Geez Louise!! Don’t make me have to jump into this drama because I will steal Min Woo from right under your pitiful nose. Watch me!

Firnlambe: oh, wait . . . so you mean she’s supposed to do something besides drive us up a wall?

Ajummah: Can I just say that now my 6 year old son is obsessed with Mask? Even he wants Ji Sook/Eun Ha to get her ish together. We are at the halfway mark and she is still STILL wavering! And because of this, so many bad things have been set in motion. If she had just acted like she truly didn’t know Kim Jung Tae, she could have gotten away with it. BUT nooo she had to do her turtle shrinking thing and get him all suspicious. She COULD HAVE told Min Woo that Jung Tae was bothering her and to take care of things but nooo, she had to run off with Min Suk and now things are in motion for her brother to wind up behind bars. And was I the only one that wasn’t surprised Min Suk and Jung Tae knew each other?

Firnlambe: No, I wasn’t surprised either. Though I totally called that Jung Tae was a dead man the moment he recognized Ji Sook. I can’t decide while watching if I have to yell at my screen or mute the volume just so I can read what’s happening but block out everything visually…..weird habit of mine I have from the EXTREME secondhand embarrassment. Something I usually channel while watching awkward (for the characters) situations lol. I really hope Min Woo will have the rich man ability to get her out of the police station with little trouble so she can save her idiot brother.

Akua: Jung Tae is a crappy piece of slime on the bottom of the elegantly heeled shoe of Min Suk. Honestly, the KDrama world is better off without Jung Tae. He’s the kind of sleazy blustering idiot who isn’t very bright, likes flash over substance, never had to use his brains for more than to choose which girls he was going to have slobber over the latest bribery candidate or which car to go sliding around Seoul in. And worse? He thinks he’s untouchable. Now anybody else with half a brain would take one good look at yon crazy man Min Suk and realize that, oooh, I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t play any sandbox games with him? I mean, look at Min Suk!! Cold. Calculating. Controlled. Hello!

Ajummah: Jung Tae is a freaking slime ball. I did not shed one tear on his death. And I agree with Firnlambe that as soon as I saw him plotting on Ji Sook, he was going to be a gonner. I was surprised at how they were going to set up Ji Sook’s brother. Very cunning Min Suk. Also does he know the loan shark or is he using his handy man?

Speaking of handy men, Min Woo’s secretary is absolutely adorable! I love that he was really trying to help Ji Sook’s family and was actually upset when Min Woo told Ji Hyuk everything. Why couldn’t he just slide out and let things go?

Akua: Note to self. If I ever find myself in KDrama, I must be ready for anything and everything including people I don’t know to know each other and set in motion events that will end up affecting me in some horrible way. Ajummah, watching Ji Sook with her turtle popping neck is beyond me right now. She is annoying as all get out! She’s trying to help but then she’s crying and wearing that horrible floppy white hat? She’s walking around Seoul in high heels with 5M won in a department store bag??? Wait, what? Is Mi Yeon slipping her some memory impairment drugs too?

Firnlambe: Well Mi Yeon IS the family’s drug lord. I wouldn’t put it past her. In regards to Ji Sook running around with 5M won. I still don’t understand why she just didn’t have someone come up to her family like it was the Korean version of Publisher’s Clearing House. There problem solved!! Family gets the money and she doesn’t have to be close enough to be seen. The fact that Ji Sook keeps getting close enough for the family to actually SEE her is getting old really fast. I would rather watch her and Min Woo fall in love. The hug and kiss at the bar was a nice addition to their relationship.

Ajummah: YES!!! I was just waiting for her to get mugged. Why couldn’t Ji Sook just open up a NEW account and deposit the money in? Then she could figure out a way to get the funds to her parents. I wanted to applaud Ji Hyuk by the way, because he knew that Eun Ha was/is Ji Sook. I also want to punch him in the face for going to kill Jung Tae.

Mi Yeon is just slipping everyone some drugs. She’s probably ingesting some herself while drinking wine through her straw. Who does that? Is that really a thing? I think she really does love Min Suk in her own twisted way and is doing everything she can to keep him forever. Earthworm soup? Yuk. I don’t think that’s really a way to...ahem enhance things. But A for effort? At least she’s focused on Mun Suk this week.

Akua: Hahahahah! Ajummah! Seriously though - she probably is slipping everyone a little something to take the edge off! And the straw drinking wine? She looks like a petulant spoiled little rich girl. Ach! She doesn’t normally piss me off but this week she did. If she had just kept her mouth shut about Min Suk and Ji Sook then maybe Min Woo wouldn’t be quite as curious, there wouldn’t have been so many interruptions and she could have gotten to Ji Hyuk in time.

Firnlambe: I’m still hoping the cut scene’s between Ji Sook in jail and Jin Hyuk entering the apartment are happening at different times, and Ji Sook will have time to get to him. Which reminds me . . . . just how does a teenage boy only have 1% battery life on his super expensive (yet they can still somehow afford to buy) phone? I smell some Joseon Black Magic in the works.

Akua: Joseon Black Magic? *ROTFLOL*!!! But that’s classic though - very poor people with super high tech phones. Or is that just Korea?

Firnlambe: Joseon Black Magic . . It’s a growing Kdrama disease I tell you. It's right up there with Amnesia.

Ajummah: Product placement at it’s best. I hope Min Woo and Ji Sook get there in time, though I wonder what they are going to say to Ji Hyuk. Will Min Suk call the cops before they get there? Did you see how he kept checking his watch? He knew Ji Hyuk was coming at a certain time.

He makes me not like him. But I did thank the Kdrama gods for that Min Suk shower scene! They heard my requests! LOL. I’m surprised I didn’t see Mi Yeon peeking around the corner at him.

I had to giggle at that. AND at the bed buying scene. Min Woo is truly falling for Ji Sook and doesn’t want to NOT share a bed anymore.

Akua: Speaking of Min Suk. Can we talk about the increasing frequency of Min Suk’s inappropriate stalking, touching and violent outbursts in relation to Ji Sook? So, first he’s choking her with Eun Ha’s purse. Then he’s pushing her down by her neck in a ‘let me strangle the life out of you’ wrestlemania move. Then he’s watching them through only heaven knows how many cameras (the one we saw this week said Camera 6). Then when she went to talk to him about the money, he was squeezing her shoulder and I know this because the camera kept focusing on the squeeze. Mmmm. And when she didn’t drink his ginseng tea???!!! Or, when he was doing the creepy stalker thing behind the beveled glass doors? What else but jealousy and a growing infatuation/love could be behind this? I don’t knooooow but methinks he’s feeling him some Ji Sook.

Firnlambe: B-but . . . Creepy Second Lead Catalyst is creepy . . . I just can’t come to accept it. That being said I do look forward to Min Woo finally confronting her about all these odd occurrences connecting her to Min Suk. I’m hoping it will really drive him into a more possesive mindset. Which clearly he has been dabbling in //pointedly looks at the paper cut scene//

Ajummah: I honestly was hoping Ji Sook would have told Min Woo the truth right after that *squee* kiss scene. If he knows that she’s not really Eun Ha, he might feel better about things. And honestly at this point I don’t think Ji Sook will ever truly “become” Eun Ha. It’s too late in the game and she’s too skittish around everyone. Was I the only one rolling my eyes when Min Suk complimented her on her lying skills? Please. She can’t even lie like a rug. And now that things are really getting serious, there is no possible way she can play it cool.

Akua: I’m eerily fascinated by Min Suk. His violent tendencies were there right from the start with the way he went after Mi Yeon in their living room. However, I do just want to cuddle and squeeze Min Woo. Have you noticed that his OCD has been quieter now? He’s calmer and he’s much more assertive with his father. He’s also more open with everyone including his bewildered underlings at work! I don’t know about you but that scene when he and Ji Sook are sleeping in the bed and he semi-cuddles behind Ji Sook from like a foot away and smiles?? *sniff sniff* THE FEEEELS! AAAAUGH! He just wants to be loved! Why is Ji Sook so dense???!!! She’s going to start sipping wine from a straw pretty soon. That’s how I’ll know she’s totally drunk the koolaid.

Firnlambe: To be fair, Ji Sook has always had her family’s well being at the front of her thoughts, which will not help mom. Coughing up blood is never a good sign. //sigh// that whole family just frustrates me.

Akua: She’s got Hepatitis now? That family is the epitome of woebegone. That might explain why Ji Sook is so pathetic. Why can’t she stop, drop, breath and think? Hatch a plan! Stop being so scared. The problem is that she doesn’t believe in herself so she can’t get her act together enough to help out her family. Right now Ji Hyuk is about to walk into a trap and be framed for sleazy Jung Tae’s death which will fall in line with Min Suk’s dastardly plan to make her beholden to him. After all, HE saved her right? HE made her right? Sigh. This week just made me tired. SMH. Somebody pass me a straw…

Gah!! So much stress and it's only week 4. Will Min Woo vouch for Ji Sook so she can stop Ji Hyuk from being framed for murder in time? Who else is hoping we get some significant progress between Ji Sook and Min Woo, or are you more of a fan of the creepy SLS vibes Min Suk has been giving us? Let us know if the comments below or go head over to the Mask Forum and toss theories back and forth with other Doppelgangers. 

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