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Ajummah: I am ready to throw my laptop because of Ji Sook! We are at week 10. 10! and she is still wavering all over the place. I am pleased that she told her brother the truth (finally) but she can’t bring herself to tell Min Woo? Wae? WAE?!?! Doesn’t she realize how much she is hurting him because of it? I know he could help her if she just is honest with him. She has feelings for him. He obviously has feelings for her. Why can’t they just move past all of this silly family drama and be honest with each other. That is truly the only way they can beat Min Suk. Hell, I think even Mi Yeon will help them if everyone comes clean. I think she wouldn’t stand by Min Suk when she finds out how little he actually cares for her.

Akua: Ji Sook. Sigh. I don’t know if I have the words other than “Crouching Rabbit. Hidden Backbone” which sort of doesn’t make any sense but you catch my drift. Here she is, in a truly despicable situation with very few options. At this point in time, Ji Hyuk is in on the secret but is in pain because he has to live a lie. The Mom is grieving and won’t go get treatment because of some misplaced loyalty to her daughter’s life and the Dad is just all around unhappy. Everybody’s in pain. I could say that Ji Sook is trying the best she can but it doesn’t seem as if she’s taking any time to think things through. She’s just reacting - startled by everything and everyone. She’s the co-conductor of this whole train-wreck. I could say that she was roped into it but at some point in all of this, she has made so many mistakes that she’s now causing the train to speed up!

Firnlambe: Gah! Ji Sook-sshi--It’s about damn time. After reading the comments last post I have to say this, I have had no qualms against Ji Sook’s character being a "gentle soul". That’s what makes her Ji Sook. My real issue with her character lay with her naivety and her inability to adjust to her current situation. The woman essentially “died” by his hand, and yet she was never suspicious of Suk Hoon’s actions and trusted him unequivocally . . . which bothered me on more than one level. Seriously, the man blackmails her on a regular basis, has threatened her life [more than once] and has even resorted to blackmailing her family from the shadows. So I could never understand the Ji Sook Logic behind her trust. Now that she has embraced her inner Eun Ha I’m looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

Ajummah: I hope she comes clean in the boardroom. Pledge her alliance with Min Woo and let the chips fall where they may. She gave enough money to her family so what more could Min Suk do? She should not have taken this long to get it together. She chose this life and so she should do what she needs to do to assimilate. What was the running theme in these two episodes? “If you wear a mask, you will never truly be happy.” / “If you don’t wear a mask, you won’t be able to survive.” How true are these words from Eun Ha’s ghost? I think Ji Sook knows first hand how not wearing a mask got her. Time to step up and get ready.

Also Papa Min needed a back hand from yours truly. Who in the world calls their child a loser? Especially when you know he’s had trauma in his life. I understand you want your only son to be strong, but that is not the way to make him strong. I think part of his problem is coming from his snake in the grass wife. She hates Min Woo because of the reminder he brings, that her husband stepped out on her. Don’t hate the child. He didn’t ask to be here. She should be upset with her husband. I think that burned my blood the most. She treats Min Suk better than she does Min Woo.

Akua: You're right Ajummah. It's not the boy's fault that he exists. If your cheating husband didn't step out on you we wouldn't even have this situation arise in the first place! But then again, we wouldn't have had the series either so oh well! Did your heart break when Min Woo jumped in the water to prove that he wasn’t a loser?

Firnlambe: Personally my heart didn't break, [but] my nerves where most definitely shot this week. From Suk Hoon's manipulation of Min Suk, to Ji Sook and her stupidity. Seriously! If you've decided to embrace your stronger, inner self . . . what would drive you to actually respond to someone shouting “Ji Sook” at you. Particularly if you recognised the voice. I don't believe she could not. It’s something she grew up with. Listening to him terrorize her family for years should have burned his voice into her memory banks.

Ajummah: I just feel so sad for Min Woo. Everyone is out to get him. Even Ji Sook/Eun Ha has her own agenda. I think part of the problem is that she didn’t go into this for love. Now that she does love him. When she told Mi Yeon that he was her family too, I applauded. I don’t want her to forget about her original family but she has to stick with Min Woo. Ji Hyuk shouldn’t be bothered by the loan sharks anymore so he can take care of mom & dad. I do wonder how Ji Sook is going to handle the loan sharks now that they know where she works.

Akua:I think we are entering those “filler” episodes where everyone is spinning their wheels trying to deceive, manipulate and out-game everyone else. Ajummah, this is a case of the goose who laid a golden egg. Those loser loan sharks are going to want to leech on to her and suck out every won they own! Firnlambe, I’m wondering the same thing as you - why in the world would Ji Sook ever believe anything that Min Suk says? I don’t know what is going on anymore and to be honest, I’m a bit tired of the incessant ducking but maybe, just maybe her love for Min Woo will be the catalyst for the change she needs? She did go off on the loan sharks though!

Firnlambe: That's what I'm talking about with in regards to the gangsters, Ajummah. All that could have been avoided if she had seriously never reacted to their ploys. But filler episodes or not, thank God her fingerprints won’t be the ones that match the one’s that are in the file Min Woo has . . at least I hope that’s the case. Min Woo needs the ability to trust her again and I believe this will be the thing to bring that trust back to him.

Akua: I am hoping that Ji Sook puts two and two together in regard to that quack doc (aaaaargh) and realizes that he shouldn’t be trusted! And let’s be so very happy that Min Woo can trust Ji Sook again!

Ajummah: Are those pills good or bad for Min Woo? If they aren't good for him, that doctor should be on his way to jail!

Firnlambe: I'm thinking that's the case. Why else would she freak out during work hours over him taking his medication? sigh Now if only she would be able to get Min Woo to stop drinking his bottled water. Then everything would be set for him to take back control over his mental state.

Akua: Sigh. Okay, so yes, Ji Sook is still somewhat annoying but you have to admit that the way she has been taking care of him -- jumping into the pool, taking him out to eat, using his own words when he asks why she’s treating him so well, covering him up at night, watching him to make sure he’s okay and covering up for him by lying -- shows that she’s changing. Even when she told the prosecutors that the money Min Woo was carrying was for her? Or when she ran upstairs to grab the illegal contract. I don’t know what she’s going to do but for now, she’s actually being assertive, finding somewhat of a voice and trying to take care of Min Woo. I don’t know what mask she’s wearing now though - or if she’s wearing a mask at all?

Firnlambe: It feels like she’s trying to create her own variation of Eun Ha. She's even seriously begun to study every aspect of her life. Though I'm pretty sure this variation will have more compassion than the original lol.

Akua: Min Suk! He doesn’t play by halves does he? Not only did he plant the illegal contract which Ji Sook took and destroyed but also the sleeping pills?!! Not only does he kill Jung Tae but he sets up BOTH Ji Sook’s brother and Min Woo as the fall guys? This has got to be one of the most calculating villains I’ve seen in KDrama. He entangles everyone in his webs - including the maid and the quack psychiatrist! And if Ji Sook would realize it she could see that she is the only one who can destroy him, right? That scene when she looked at him and said, “I realize that you can only make things happen if you have power” will be a turning point for her! She’s got to use what she knows to attack Min Suk.

Firnlambe: I agree, she's collected enough information, in regards to Suk Hoon's secrets, that she could do some serious damage. Speaking of secrets, is there anyone left in this drama that has managed to remain secret free? It feels like everywhere you look someone is trying to desperately keep their secret hidden from their loved ones. Even Min Woo's secretary had secrets lol.

Ajummah: I don't think there is anyone that doesn't have secrets. Maybe the friends Ji Sook left behind that the writers seemed to have forgotten about.

Akua: Hahahaha! I know right? So does the maid! I’m just wondering how long these secrets are going to last until people start revealing them so that the pain eases. Did you notice that Min Woo is the first person to be honest about his secret? When he told Ji Sook about what he thought he did? Man! that was some step he took! She could have outright rejected him right there! He laid it on the line for her and she accepted it and didn’t do anything to retaliate. In fact, I feel like she’s more protective of him now!

Firnlambe: Which is awesome! And now that Ji Sook has finally told her brother the truth about her situation, she's gonna be able to have some breathing room, which will help her out a lot in the long run because she now has someone she can talk to without having to worry about any possible negative consequences while acting as herself. Though I suppose now that she has decided to fully back Min Woo, she can talk with him as well (though she won't be able to be as open with her thoughts around him).

Ajummah: I am very interested in next week's episodes. What is she going to say to get the board to keep Min Woo? She's going to have to say she planted the pills. It's going to hurt Min Woo and piss off Min Suk but that is the only way I see her saving every thing Min Woo worked so hard for.

Akua: Who knows what our Ji Sook will say? Right now, I don't know if she even knows! Hehehehe. She's got a whole lot of emotions raging in her and I think she's just now starting to figure out what's really important!

What are your thoughts? How do you feel about Ji Sook's changing behavior? Is it about time? Is it too late? Where did those sleeping pills come from? Will Ji Sook's mom die? What IS Ji Sook going to say at the shareholder's meeting? Drop your thoughts below or click over to the official Mask Forum to dish on this juicy show with other Doppelgangers! 

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