Julien Blanc is a pickup artist who takes it way too far. But luckily netizens and the media have caught up to Blanc's dirty tricks, thanks to a video of the pickup artist harassing girls by groping them and forcefully pushing their heads down.  

Blanc is a Los Angeles-based "dating coach" who works for a company called Real Social Dynamics, and he teaches men how to "get" women. But his tactics are worse than crude, and he often instructs men to be as aggressive as they can be, in particular to women in Japan. 

Luckily, a huge online protest has erupted against Julien Blanc on Twitter called #TakeDownJulienBlanc. Protestors have been calling for Blanc not to be allowed back into Tokyo and other countries where he is giving speeches. Many netizens have contacted the event host site, Eventbrite about his dubious tactics, and they have also started a petition against him. 

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