Modern-day samurai Isao Machii was attacked by three incredibly swift assassins recently — an orange, a fried shrimp, and a glowing ball, all traveling from 80 to 150 kilometers per hour (50 to 93 mph). But the 41-year-old and his katana were faster, and he should be. Machii-san is the real deal, a master of the ancient discipline of Iaido, creator of martial arts style Shushin-ryu and his own samurai school, and holder of five Guinness World Records for his superhuman sword skills. 

Japanese telecommunications and internet giant SoftBank saw an opportunity to market how sharp and lightning-fast their Platinum Band LTE mobile service is, and they jumped on the Machii bandwagon. I don't blame them!

Kansai-based Machii-san has explained that, instead of using his eyes, he instantly visualizes the trajectory of an object in his mind. In other words, he mentally calculates where the object is going to be when it reaches him, based on speed and the environment. This episode of Stan Lee's Superhumans on The History Channel shows just that. As he's slicing an 84 mph baseball (4 minutes into the program) and a 200 mph BB gun pellet (12 minutes in), you can clearly see that his eyes are closed when he makes contact.

The action happens faster than a human blink, so the only way to see it was by watching the playback from a slow-motion camera. 

Yes, that's a white BB pellet. YES, my mind is blown. 

You have to see it to believe it.

Viewers already recognize Machii-san from numerous commercials and TV shows in Japan demonstrating his striking abilities. They also remember him as the live-action "Fruit Ninja" character he portrayed in a fun spot for Pillsbury's Toaster Strudel last year. 

My goodness! After slicing bullets and grains of rice, SoftBank's deadly fruit and killer seafood had to be a walk in the park for this guy. 

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