Without using a single romantic word, this young Chinese woman recently wrote an award-winning love poem for her boyfriend using only math symbols.

Wu Huajie is a college freshman studying in the College of Finance and Business English at the Wuhan Yangtze Business University. She is also interested in ancient Chinese poetry that uses fixed 5-word or 7-word structures. One day, while she was attending a math class, it occurred to her that she could write a love poem by creating a math formula.

Here's her winning poem that has garnered accolades from everyone:

「INPUT (-∞,+∞),

IF(-∞ THEN +∞],

ELSE +∞)」

According to Huajie, INPUT has a meaning of accepting data in math. -∞ means negative infinity and +∞ positive infinity. So the first line of the poem says, "When love first begins, both sides are giving."

IF is a conditional statement in the second line which can be interpreted as, "If one of them betrays their love, then the other will stop the endless giving of love."

The ELSE statement in the third line means, "If neither one ever betrays the other, then they will keep giving love to each other to infinity."

She wrote the poem to tell her boyfriend that if he never leaves or abandons her, then she will stay with him forever.

She met her boyfriend when she was still in high school. She did not accept his love at that time because she was concerned about her studies. Now that she has entered college, she has finally accepted him as her boyfriend.

He, however, was shocked when he saw the poem. Let's hope he doesn't get scared away by high math.