Are you a Star Wars fan? How about your cat? If the answer is yes, your precious kitty can dream of galaxies far, far away in this detailed, custom Landspeeder cat bed made by Roxy's Dream.

Just look at it. It's got laser fire damage and everything!

Roxy's Dream is a small company in Douglassville, Pennsylvania that was established in remembrance of Roxy, the owners' teeny kitten who was only 13 weeks old when the Pan Leukopenia virus took her life. They make top quality, handcrafted furnishings for cats and dogs, donate 10% of their earnings to animal charities, and foster homeless cats.

Roxy's Dream doesn't just do Star Wars for your pet, no ma'am, no sir. They can do other themes, or something simple if that is your desire. And they don't just do beds (4-posters, bunk beds, kitty condos and forts, etc.). They design made-to-order cat trees, obstacle courses, pet food dishes, and more, as shown on their website.

See Song Ha Yoon and Teen Top’s Changjo in the lighthearted fantasy comedy Sweden Laundry:

How about a Bat Bowl for your favorite crime-fighting feline or pooch?

Or an AT-ST Walker (All Terrain Scout Transport) playhouse for the cat that has everything? LOL! Give Roxy's Dream a call.

A "Cat Speeder" runs about $600 with the padded bed inside, but that's because it takes 40 hours of labor, from the windshield to all the woodwork to the custom paint job. Most beds that Roxy's Dream offers aren't as high as that in price, though. And their cat profiles (silhouettes) are only $5 each.

I hope this company goes far. Their mission and the love they put into their work is heartwarming. The world needs every animal advocate it can get.

If I had a cat, I'd have my eye on one of those 4-poster beds for sure, haha. How about you? So cute!

Images: Roxy's Dream Facebook

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