Good news! It's hello again to Mr. Black as MBC swoops in to save the series starring Moon Chae WonLee Jin WookSong Jae Rim, and Kim Kang Woo after it was dropped from the SBS fall lineup.

For several weeks, it was unclear if Goodbye, Mr. Black would be shelved for good after SBS decided to cut the series. The official reason for dropping the drama was disagreement between the network and the production company over the direction the drama should take.

It's uncommon, but not entirely unheard of, for a broadcaster to drop a drama after confirming all of the leads, and many fans were hoping that another network would pick up the series. Fortunately, MBC decided to save the day, scheduling the series for an early 2016 premiere in the Wednesday/Thursday lineup.

Goodbye, Mr. Black will adapt a popular manhwa with the same name. The story is an updated take on Alexander Dumas's classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo, where a man who was betrayed by his best friend returns years later under an assumed identity to exact his revenge. 

After dropping Goodbye, Mr. Black, SBS decided to fill the post-Village spot with legal thriller Remember instead. Remember tells the story of a man with hyperthemesia, or an autobiographical memory. Unfortunately, he loses his entire memory just as he sets to work clearing his father's name of a murder charge. The network is currently courting Yoo Seung Ho to headline the series, but there are no confirmations yet. Considering that The Village is already hitting its second week, we can definitely expect to hear some casting confirmations soon!

Are you happy to hear that we don't have to say goodbye to Goodbye, Mr. Black? Are you secretly hoping the series is a hit and proves SBS wrong? Does all of this behind-the-scenes scheduling drama remind you of Anthony in King of Dramas? Share your thoughts in the comments!