In what can be called an….interesting endeavor, SBS Ingikayo Magazine asked members of MBLAQ and SS501 to give their fans an exact visual of how they imagine ideal their ladies-to-be. As opposed to an unachievable celebrity, now fans can cull their idol’s preferences from an unrealistic-looking drawing.

Above all, the most eye-catching is SS501 Kim Hyun Joong’s ideal type. “It’s been awhile since I drew something, so it’s very awkward,” he begans to talk. “The very first thing I tend look in a girl is an egg-shaped face and long, straight hair. I am more attracted if she has an innocent side, as well as a sexy side. He says, “Chungsoon+Glamour [Innocent+Glamourous] is my ideal type,” and evokes laughter because the drawing of his ideal type is a lot different than the innocent-glamorous.

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