All right, so the actual kiss took place like two years ago, but netizens can't seem to just let it go and move on. In a recent interview Go Eun Ah, an actress you may have seen in Extreme K-POP Survival, was talking about how people have been judging her ever since the kiss happened. She and younger brother Mir, member of Idol group MBLAQ, haven't even been able to walk comfortably beside each other when they hang out because people think they're involved in some crazy incestuous drama.

According to her that's so not even the case. She explained that Mir is her only brother, her younger brother and she loves him a lot, and shows affection towards him. Now we all know sometimes netizens get out of hand, but the editing of this clip seriously did not help the situation. It's completely obvious that she was playing around with him trying to give him a kiss, Mir was fighting it and even pushed her away, and was totally embarrassed after she got him good right on the lips.Notice the video slows down and background music that appears when the kiss takes place: So what do you think? Is this the unfortunate outcome of editing for entertainment purposes? Or should Go Eun Ah have acted more responsibly, knowing the camera was rolling? By the way, don't they really look alike?! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source